Study in Australia

Requirements for International Students to Study in Australia

Listed below are the documents that an international student traveling to Australia for study must possess:

  • Valid passport
  • A photocopy of the ID page of the passport which contains the personal details of the student and his passport number.
  • Photocopies of academic records of the high school and graduation years. A student must also carry the original mark sheets which list the subjects that he studied and the marks obtained in each.
  • Photocopies of award certificates if applicable.
  • The IELTS score which is evidence of the student’s proficiency in the English language.
  • Photocopies of work experience certificates if applicable. The student must also carry a copy of reference from his last employer and the company letterhead.
  • Photocopy of the bank draft which provides details on application fees that you may have incurred before travel. A student visa is a must.

Top Colleges in Australia

Name of the College Courses Offered
The Sydney Business and Travel Academy Advanced Diploma and Certificate Course in Travel & Tourism,
Hospitality and Business
TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute Graduation,
Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses in Management,
Nursing and Fine Arts
Short term courses in English language and 3D animation
Cambridge International College Vocational Courses in Electronics & Communications,
English Language,
Aged Care,
Interactive Digital Media,
Graphic Pre-Press,
Youth Work and Marketing
Hyde Park College of Skin, Body and Spa Therapy Diploma in Beauty Therapy,
Aromatherapy and Spa Therapy Certificate course in Indian Head Massage,
Reflexology and Lithos Stone Therapy Short term courses in Manicure & Pedicure and Waxing
Shaftston School of Hospitality Diploma in Hospitality Management Certificate courses in Commercial Cookery and Patisserie
Metro College of Technology Pty. Ltd. Diploma in Business Management,
Accounting and Hospitality Certificate courses in Business Management,
Food Processing,
Aged Care and Home & Community Care
Paramount College of Natural Medicine Diploma in Remedial Massage Advanced Diploma in Naturotherapy,
Nutritional Medicine,
Western Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy Certificate courses in Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy Practice
Australian College of Early Childhood Education Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Certificate courses in Children’s Services
Nature Care College Degree and Diploma programs in Aromatherapy,
Life Coaching,
Energetic Healing,
Western Herbal Medicine,
Yoga Teacher Training,
Counselling and Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies
Axial Diploma in Business Management
Certificate courses in Sheet Metal Engineering,
Project Management,
Frontline Management,
Business Administration and Diesel Mechanic Engineering

Top university in Australia

Name of University Courses Offered
The University of Adelaide Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Nursing, Health Sciences, Psychology, Medicine, Dentistry & Oral Health, International Studies, Media, Music, Environmental Policy & Management, Development Studies, Indigenous Programs, Agriculture, Urban Design, Education, Law and Economics & Finance Post Graduation in Commercialization, Project Management, Applied Linguistics, Food Writing, Social Sciences, Curatorial & Museum Studies, Creative Writing and Art History Ph.D in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering, Paediatrics & Reproductive Health, Psychology, Population Health & Clinical Practice, Dentistry, Medicine, History & Politics, Music, Social Sciences, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture, Food & Wine, Law, Business & Finance, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
The Australian National University Graduation in Engineering, Actuarial Studies, Science, Economics, Commerce, Finance, Law, Advanced Computing, Archaeological Practice, Art History & Curatorship, Development Studies, Digital Arts, European Studies, Anthropology, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American, Asian Art History, Environmental Studies, Film & New Media, Geography, International Communications and International Relations Post Graduation in Architecture, Industrial Design, Maintenance Services, Construction, Accounting, Human Resource, Marketing, Retail & Distribution, IT, Multimedia, Computer Science, Art Administration, Dance, Fashion, Music, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Telecommunications, Metallurgy, Health & Medicine, Law, Archaeology, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Beauty Therapy, Beauty, Food Technology, Catering, Leisure Management, Pedagogy, Teacher Training, Education Research and MBA
The University of Melbourne Graduation in Arts, Commerce, Management, Fine Arts, Multimedia, Law, Music, Science, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Social Science, Performing Arts, Computing, Business & Finance and Architecture
Monash University Undergraduate courses in Adult Learning & Development, Architectural Design, Journalism, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Psychology, Business & Commerce, Environmental Engineering, Visual Communication, Early Childhood Education, Technology & Systems, Fine Arts, Health Science, Journalism, Multimedia & Digital Arts and Music Postgraduate courses in Mentoring & Coaching, Information Technology, Applied Econometrics, Business Information Systems, Business Law, Pharmacy, Embryology, Diplomacy & Trade, Family Medicine and Human Resource Management
The University of New South Wales Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses in Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Business, Engineering, Fine Arts and Built Environment
The University of Queensland Bachelor degree programs in Food Science & Nutrition, Parks & Wildlife Management, Animal Management, Anthropology, Ancient History, Architectural Design, Linguistics, Psychology, Archaeology, Psychology, Political Science, Journalism & Mass Communication and Studies in Religion Postgraduate courses in Agribusiness, Public Health, Applied Linguistics, Writing, Editing & Publishing, Philosophy, Animal Studies, Clinical Psychology, Professional Accounting and Information Systems
The University of Sydney Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Humanities, Science & Technology, Nursing, Social Sciences, Visual & Creative Arts, Architecture, Veterinary & Animal Science, Health & Sports Sciences, Music, Pharmacy, Economics, Engineering and Law
The University of Western Australia Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Architecture, Business Studies, Visual Arts, Engineering, Mathematics, Computing, Dentistry, Health Sciences and Law Post graduation in Education
Griffith University Bachelor and Master degrees in Humanities, Business, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine & Health, Language & Cultural Studies and Science & Technology Doctorate degrees in Arts & Humanities
La Trobe University Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate programs in Humanities, Engineering, Medicine & Health, Science & Technology, Linguistics & Cultural Studies, Business Administration and Social Sciences Certificate programs in Arts & Humanities

Scholarships in Australia

The scholarships or awards provided to international students in Australia can be divided into three categories:

  • Endeavour Awards – this scholarship is provided by the government of Australia based on merit of the students.
  • Australian Leadership Awards – these scholarships are provided to students pursuing post graduation and specialized research programs.
  • Australian Development Scholarships – these scholarships are awarded to meritorious students who the government consider able enough to contribute to the economic and human development of the Asia Pacific region.

Scholarships are also provided all round the year by charitable organizations. These scholarships have to be availed by the student from his home country.

Educational Expenses

The average cost of education for an international student in Australia is listed below:

  • Certificate Courses – A$ 5,500 to 18,000 each year
  • Bachelors Degree Courses (Science & Engineering) – A$ 11,000 to 16,500 each year
  • Bachelors Degree Courses? (Humanities, Law and Business) – A$ 10,000 to 13,500 each year
  • Masters and? Doctorate Degree – A$ 11,000 to 18,500 each year

Students Visa

A student who wants to pursue education in Australia has to apply for a student’s visa in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of Australia. A student’s visa allows an international student to study in Australia for more than three months, to access the subsidized health cover provided to students in Australia and apply to work part time in Australia.

Education System

The education system of Australia is divided into the stages of:

  • Primary and Secondary Schooling
  • High School
  • College Education
  • University Education
  • Doctorate / Research Studies

Fast Facts

The Australian education system lays more stress on training and group studies so that students may be prepared to face the corporate world. There are 39 universities in Australia, most of which are sponsored by the government. Australia may be one of the most expensive countries to live in but the country has introduced cost effective programs for international students.