Animation Schools in Australia

List of Animation Schools in Australia

Name Address Phone & Email
ACADEMY OF INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT, LTD Canberra Technology Park, Philip Avenue, PO Box 131, Watson, ACT 2602(Australia) Ph: 61-261625131, Fax: 61-262073759, Email:, Website:
AUSTRALIA FILM AND RADIO SCHOOL Cnr Balaclava & Epping Roads, North Ryde, New South Waltes 2113 (Australia) Ph: 61-298056611, Fax: 61-298871030, Email:, Website:
CENTRE FOR ANIMATION & INTERACTIVE MEDIA RMIT University, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne, Victoria 3001 (Australia) Ph: 61-399255206, Fax: 61-399253356, Email:, Website:
CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY Animation and Visual Effects, Locked Bag 588, Boorooma Street, Wagga NSW 2678 (Australia) Ph: 61-269332589, Fax: 61-269332887, Email:, Website:
GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY 226 Grey St. P.O. Box 3370, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101 (Australia) Ph: 61-738753112, Fax: 61-738753113, Email:, Website:
HAMILTON ADULT CAMPUS 815 Marion Rd. Mitchell Park, South Australia 5043 (Australia) Ph: 61-882758300, Fax: 61-882779380, Email:, Website:
HOLMESGLEN INSTITUTE OF TAFE 585 Waverley Rd. Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 (Australia) Ph: 61-395641640, Fax: 61-395646233, Email:, Website:
INSTITUTE FOR DESIGN 512, Stanley Street, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101 (Australia) Ph: 61-738467133, Fax: 61-738467405, Email:, Website:
MOVING IDEAS ANIMATION 13 Sutherland st Lane Cove, Sydney, NSW 2066 (Australia) Ph: 61-0294279775, Fax: -610294279776, Email:, Website:
SAE TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE ADELAIDE GPO Box 10411, Level 2/282, Gouger St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 (Australia), Ph: 61-84106599, Fax: 61-884106808, Email;, Website:
SCHOOL OF MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS Monash University, Berwick Campus, Melbourne, Victoria 3806 (Australia) Ph: 61-399047127, Fax: 61-399047089, Email:, Website:
TAPOT ANIMATION 13, Peebles Ave, Sydney (Australia) Ph: 61-0295453450, Email:
VFX MENTOR 30, Highland Ridge, Middle Cove, NSW 2068 (Australia) Ph: 61-299678655, Fax: 61-299678468, Email:, Website: