Archaeological Courses in Bihar

The main university offering archaeological courses in Bihar is the Patna University (PU). Bihar is a state in India and is a major centre of higher learning in various subjects including Archaeology. Courses in Archaeology deal with various subjects such as history, art, anthropology, geology as well as chemistry. All these subjects are integrated into the study of Archaeology. If you wish to pursue archaeological courses in Bihar you need to have an aptitude and interest in history, art and culture. The scope in this field is also immense and students of Archaeology can find employment opportunities in a number of sectors in Bihar as well as other states of India.

Archaeological Courses in Bihar Institutes

Courses in archaeology have a few subjects in common with history though it gives more emphasis on field surveys as well as in practical research.

Students can opt for a post graduate degree in archaeology at Patna University. The Department of Ancient Indian History & Archaeology at Patna University offers M.A in Ancient History and Archaeology. For admissions to this post graduate degree course, students must have bachelor’s degree with Ancient Indian History & Culture or Archaeology or Ancient Indian History or History. Course content for M.A in Archaeology include history of Indian art and architecture, numismatics, epigraphy, iconography and museology.

Career Prospects in Archaeological Courses in Bihar

Archaeology is a very interesting field, particularly for those who are intrigued by lost civilizations, ancient history, strange inscriptions or the various mysterious of the past. Job prospects in this field are plenty and on successful completion of archaeological courses in Bihar, students are eligible to work in major government organizations such as Archaeological Survey of India and the Department of Archaeology in Bihar. M.A. students of Archaeology can also work as lecturers at foreign universities having Indian studies in their syllabus.

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