Applied Mathematics Courses

Applied Mathematics Courses in India are among the more traditional courses having sufficient applications in areas of data interpretation, astronomy, quantitative techniques, and inventory management. Statistical techniques are also areas of applied mathematics. Studies in applied mathematics are highly specialized and are taught by premier universities and science colleges.

Applied mathematics careers flourish in areas of computer science, scientific computing, statistical methods, and actuarial science. Large conglomerates and leading manufacturing enterprises appoint applied mathematics scholars for management and operational research studies. Applied mathematics research courses offered by academies and universities attract the most brilliant brains in academics.

Introduction to applied mathematics allows a scholar to different processes of mathematics like numerical analysis, variation methods, applied probability, classical mechanics and fluid mechanics. The significance of applied mathematics lies in its use in industrial mathematics, techno mathematics, computational mathematics, and econometrics.

Applied Mathematics Institutes in India

Applied mathematics courses in India are offered by institutes in the post graduation level. The notable academies conducting study and research programs in applied mathematics include:

  • University of Calcutta, 92, A.P.C. Road, Kolkata – 700009; Tel.: 033-23508386 ; Website: Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
    Duration: 2 yearsCourse: Doctoral research in Applied Mathematics
  • Benaras Hindu University, Department of Mathematics, Varanasi-221005; Tel: 0542-2307435; Website: Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics
    Duration: Two yearsCourse: Doctoral Research in Applied Mathematics
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee – 247667, Tel.: 01332-285311; Website: M. Tech in Applied Mathematics
    Duration: Two years

Scope of Applied Mathematics in India and abroad

Applied mathematics jobs exist in premier manufacturing houses, leading commercial organizations, and government departments. Scholars of applied mathematics are offered assignments in various statistical and quantitative research bodies. Candidates after having completed applied mathematics courses in India are given assignments in research institutes and academies for various capacities.

The importance of applied mathematics has significantly increased with the specialization of activities and creation of new divisions in business and manufacturing concerns. Inventory management and operations research are the new focused activities that need applied mathematics professionals. With the proliferation of information technology, the use of computational mathematics has multiplied drastically needing expert personnel in mathematics.