AutoCAD Courses

AutoCAD is a CAD software application that is used in the areas of drafting and design. It is that branch of technology which proves to be very useful for students who want to pursue a career in designing 2D and 3D designs. First introduced in the late part of 1982, AutoCAD has proved a great tool and a fast emerging course in the country today.

Streams / Branches - 2D animation, 3D animation, Character Animation, Architectural Drafting, Residential Construction, Landscape Drafting, Lighting & Rendering, Blueprint Reading, Civil CAD, Electrical CAD and Engineering Graphics are some of the streams of Auto CAD.

Who can opt for this course - Candidates who have a degree or a diploma certificate in engineering and technology can apply for study programs in AutoCAD. However there are a few institutes in India that accept applications from science graduates.

When to start the preparation – Preparation for AutoCAD courses must begin towards the end of your college years.

Type of Exams for Eligibility - The scores of B.Tech, BE, M.Tech, B.Sc or M.Sc examinations are taken into consideration for admission to an institute offering courses in AutoCAD.

Best universities, institutions and colleges - The chief places where the AutoCAD course program is imparted to students in India are:

  1. CADD Centre
  2. Xplora Design Skool
  3. Laxmi Computers Software Training Institutes
  4. Bibrain Institute
  5. Kruthi Computer Services Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Gemstech International Training Centre
  7. National Institute of Advanced Computer Studies

How to prepare - You can learn the basics of AutoCAD from final years of engineering or science courses. The principles of science and engineering as learnt in the undergraduate level are sufficient to win you admission to AutoCAD courses.

What are the prospects / future – The engineering and architectural sectors employ AutoCAD professionals. A student of AutoCAD can seek employment in public and private organizations. He / she generally work as a shader, modeler, draftsman or bench animator.