Beautician Course

Beautician courses or Cosmetology is that branch of art which deals with the study of body adornment, through various means, like skin treatment, dietary or health measures, make up, chemical treatment and many other ways. Cosmetology is gaining popularity these days, as in every field you need to look presentable, and thereby taking aid of the professional beauticians. People spend a lot of money these days on their looks, because a presentable person gets appreciated everywhere, so be it a function or a regular, usual day, the demand of professional beauticians is getting higher day by day. 

A student can apply for a beautician course after finishing his basic elementary education, Senior Secondary, from any stream. You can apply for various diploma and certificate programmes offered by various institutions and appear for their entrance exam, and then go for a full time professional course.

The different study areas offered are, beauty care and hair dressing, hair and skin care, nail fashion, skin therapy, and spa body therapy. 

A few of India’s leading colleges that offer the courses on Cosmetology, are: 

  • Academy of Hair Styling, Mumbai
  • Community Polytechnique, Punjab
  • Elle Passion Salon, Spa and Academy, Faridabad
  • Habib’s Hair Academy, New Delhi
  • I.T.I. For Women, New Delhi
  • Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women (various branches)
  • Shahnaz Husain International Beauty Academy, New Delhi
  • VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management, New Delhi

A student, who wants to pursue a professional cosmetology training, needs to apply in these institutions and appear for the basic test they conduct to enroll students under various programmes, to check their aptitude in the areas relating to beauty management. You need to be presentable, hospitable and have good communication skills , as the industry requires customer handling. You can look at the previous years’ question papers and do some preparation according to that. Also take help of the various beauty related websites and acquaint yourself with all the important technologies and methods used by this industry. Subscribe to some top fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Glamour. 

You have a lot of scope in this industry, as beauticians are required in show biz a lot. You can apply for any modeling agency or fashion world, as cosmetologist, hair stylist or make up artist and can earn handsome packages. You can also open your private institution or coaching centre to make new beauticians. You can also create your own beauty products, and get into beauty business.