Bioceramics Courses

The subject Bioceramics is a component of a broader domain called Biomaterials. It is utilized for a variety of medical procedures, the most popular one being implants. Bioceramics is used in the field of dental as well as bone implants. Even joint replacements have a coating of bioceramic substances to bring about a reduction in the amount of wear and tear as well as to control inflammation. Bioceramics are also used in the making of respirators, dialysis machines and pacemakers. One of the latest developments in this field is the utility of these substances for the treatment of cancer.

Streams / Branches- The study of bioceramics involves a specialization in subjects like:

  • Bone Replacements
  • Nanoparticulate Studies
  • Hydroxyapatite Production
  • Stem Cell Studies
  • Bioactivity of Biomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering

Who can opt for this course - Bioceramics is commonly pursued as a research subject in India. Students who are interested in biology or medicine opt for research in bioceramics in the Indian colleges. For applying to post graduation course in bioceramics, an applicant must have successfully completed graduation in bioceramics or biology.

When to start the preparation - Preparation for studying bioceramics begins towards the end of school years. Since there is no entrance test for admission to this course of study, no professional help is required for preparation.

Type of Exams for Eligibility - The scores of 10+2 examination and graduation are taken into consideration for admission to postgraduate studies in bioceramics. No entrance test is held.

Best universities, institutions and colleges - The best institutes for pursuing graduation or post graduation in bioceramics in India are:

  • Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata
  • Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Naroda, Ahmedabad
  • Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Khurja, Uttar Pradesh

How to prepare - Extensive study of subjects like glass ceramics, bioactive glasses, alumina and zircon will enable you to understand the subject of bioceramics better. However, no entrance test is conducted for admission to this course of study, so students do not necessarily have to start preparations before admission. 

What are the prospects / future - Thanks to the dynamism that is present in this field, a number of job opportunities are there in India and abroad. Students with a degree in Bioceramics will easily be able to find jobs in the Biomedical industry. Reputed hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes recruit these professionals. Plastic surgery clinics also appoint bioceramic professionals. Medical research institutes of India recruit bioceramics research scholars.