Certificate Courses in India

A certificate course or a certificate program is that form of education in which a student is taught only specific aspects of a particular subject. Therefore a certificate course is generally chosen by people who are already pursuing a career or plan to specialize in a particular field of work in the future. For instance, a massage specialist working in a salon or a beauty center may pursue a certificate program which will educate him / her in reflexology, an important part of massage therapy. The certificate program thus arms the person with the means to specialize in a particular sphere of work.

You can be part of a certificate program after completing your school education or can choose to pursue the program during the course of your career, after completing college and university education. Completing a certificate course of study is the fastest and easiest way to add brownie points to your resume as the courses are mostly short term courses and can also be pursued online. In fact a large percentage of Indian students today opt to study certificate courses in the course of their careers to have an edge in the competitive job market.

Types of Certificate Courses in India

Certificate courses in India are offered in various fields of study such as:

  • Management
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Business / Accountancy
  • Law
  • Software
  • Banking
  • Administration
  • Engineering / Technology
  • Industries
  • Languages

Duration of Certificate Courses in India 

The duration of a certificate course in India can vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the course program and the institute offering the course of study. Generally, a student must attend at least 2 to 4 hours of regular classes during 5 days in a week to complete the syllabus of a certificate course within the scheduled time. The course takes longer to complete if you are pursuing it online.

Both government owned and private education institutes provide certificate courses of study these days; it is very important to assure that a certificate course is recognized and approved by the government of India. Else, employment opportunities following the completion of the course are jeopardized.

One examination at the end of the course will earn a student a certificate in his / her chosen field or subject of certificate program.

Popular Certificate Courses in India 

The best known certificate courses provided by private and public education institutes in India are:Certificate Course in a Foreign Language

  • Certificate Course in Instructional Design
  • Certificate Course in Library and Information Science
  • Certificate Course in Medical Transcription
  • Certificate Course in Laboratory / Clinical Research
  • Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition
  • Certificate Course in Retail Management