Chinese Language Courses

Foreign language courses are prevalent in India since long. A host of languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish and many more are taught at different institutes and colleges all over India. However, with the growing diplomatic, political relation between India and China in the present days scopes for business between the two countries have enhanced to a great degree. More and more Indians are getting into business relations with China which has in its turn generated job opportunity for the Indians.

And those versed with Chinese language are given preference. Today, there is a huge scope for students learning Chinese language. And if anyone is going to China be it for higher studies or business just knowing the language may not be enough. It’s important to be familiar and have some understanding of the Chinese society. That’s the reason why the courses in Chinese language lay so much of thrust on co-curricular activities-Chinese art, literature, drama and so on.

In kolkata one can find a cozy Chinese Corner, courtesy “Chini Adda”, an initiative of ‘The School of Chinese Language’ with active assistance of the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China. With the only China Town outside the mainland China being located in the city, Kolkata’s China Connection is a well known story now. But “Chini Adda” or “The Chinese Corner” (a regular informal get-together where people only speak in Mandarin) is a recent initiative, taken in a turbulent time to create an informal and popular platform for the peoples of India and China to get together and understand each other. It always helps to do business with China if one knows the language, their culture, history, rituals and little gestures.

A large number of students are taking up various short-term and long-term courses in Chinese language at different educational institutes in India. The business community, who want to strengthen bonding with their Chinese counterparts, is also showing great interest in learning the language and is pursuing courses like Express Business Class course.

The institutes offering courses in Chinese language are fast emerging as platforms for practicing Chinese language for those interested in Chinese language, culture, history, country and its people. The institutes and colleges have already become handy for the increasing number of Chinese companies, setting up shops in India to hire people.

The institutes and colleges teaching Chinese language offer an easy platform which supports interest in the participants about China, allows all to practice Mandarin, understand the nuances of Chinese culture and develop the understanding between the people of the two countries. Some schools are thinking of introducing Chinese language courses from the ninth standard jointly with the institutes and colleges offering Chinese language courses.

It is often said that when in China, do as the Chinese do! An increasing number of students have started going to Dragon Land for medical and other courses. It’s important for them to be familiarized not only with the Chinese language but also with various Chinese culture, rituals, arts, literature and so on, before they actually land up in China. Keeping these students in mind, the institutes offering Chinese language have started many short term programs where the students get to know about the language and culture of the country in a short span of time.

Colleges and Institutes Offering Chinese Language Courses -

‘The School of Chinese Language’, Kolkata- Christened as ‘The School’, the institute in Kolkata has already affiliation from the Calcutta University, Kunming Medical University and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIAS). The institute is also well set to put up India’s first Confucious Classroom in Kolkata. In fact according to the Agreement of Partnership & Cooperation signed between ‘The School’ and Kunming Medical University, it is the first school in India to offer initial year of Chinese Language study in Kolkata before students proceed to China for their medical degrees (MBBS etc) to KMU. It is the1st institution in India to create the very popular Chinese Corner.

It is the also the first school in India to offer a Joint Programme in Chinese Language with Calcutta University’s Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies. The school also boasts to be the first in India to have three Chinese teachers from Hanban province and the Chinese community itself who are able to impart reliable and authentic Chinese Language teaching and correct phonetics to all the students. It is also the first school in India to organize, and be part of, an Exchange Program between the best high schools of Kolkata and Kunming (St. Xavier’s and Shida Fuzhong). This program is supposed to bring the youth of both countries into the homes, hearts and minds of each other, to create mutual cultural understanding.

Viswa Bharati University- Situated in the tranquil and quaint setting of rural Bengal in the district of Birbhum, Santiniketan was Rabindranath Tagore’s dream project of an open-air University to be envisaged in the lap of nature. Visva-Bharati is an comprehensive university of character in the sense that it offers all courses and degrees under the guidance of its various institutes for under-graduate, post-graduate and doctoral studies. The Visva-Bharati University has 8 Institutes, 2 Kindergarten Schools, 1 Pre-degree School, 2 Schools and 15 centres of learning in its fold. Foreign language courses are taught here since the time of Tagore. The courses include Four year B A (Honours) Courses in Persian (Preparatory); Tibetan (Preparatory), Chinese; Japanese (Preparatory).

Calcutta University- Calcutta University offers 1-year Certificate and Diploma Course in China Language. Graduates of any discipline can opt for Certificate Course in Chinese Language and for getting admission to Diploma Course in China Language; one needs to complete Certificate Course from Calcutta University.Ramakrishna Mission- Ramakrishna Mission of Bengal and Kolkata also provide the opportunity to do Courses on a number of foreign Languages. Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata offers a 3-tear full time regular course on Chinese language. One can opt for the course after completing 10+2 in any discipline. Ramakrishna Mission also offers a short term Communicative Course of 6-Months.Other Institutes offering courses in Chinese Language-The Chinese Language Institute, New Delhi Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), the State of Tamil Nadu. Indoss Institute is india’s, Delhi Xinhua Language Solutions – New Delhi, Delhi