Commercial Fine Art Courses

Commercial Fine Arts is that branch of Arts where various art forms and techniques are used for commercial purposes. Through illustrations, paintings, sculptures, murals, designing, photography, graphic designing, animation and many other techniques of art, the art world is promoting the things they are supposed to sell. It is a mode of advertising, and requires immense creativity and talent. Through art and through marketing strategies, a person can work in the area of Commercial Fine Arts.

The basic qualification required for courses in Commercial Fine Arts is Senior Secondary, after which you can apply for various colleges offering professional courses in this field. Both Bachelors and Masters programmes are available, with multiple diploma courses. The colleges conduct their own entrance exams, which candidates need to clear.

There are various universities and colleges that offer Bachelors and Masters programmes in Fine Arts , these are:

The courses in Commercial Fine Art requires a deep talent in art forms and knowledge of art world and also commercial strategies. For clearing the entrance you must work on all these areas and fulfill the criteria asked by the institutes.

You have a lot of future prospects in this industry, both commercial and artistic. You can work in art studios, advertising industry, designing industry, graphic and animation world as designer, assistant art director, art director, and visualizer. Designing catalogues, bill boards, cinema slides and also illustrations for books, magazines and various other art modes, are other options. You can become a professional artist and conduct your art exhibitions also.

Institutes offering Commercial Fine Arts Courses in India

The following are the premier institutes in India where commercial fine arts is taught as a subject of study:

Name & Address Courses Duration Phone/E-mail/Website
Integrated Management College Advance Diploma in Fine Art (ADFA) + Bachelors of Fine art in Applied Art, Painting and Animation 4 years Contact : +91- 9818166888, +91- 9313300928/ E-mail: