Condensed Matter Physics Courses

Condensed Matter Physics Courses in India is loosely termed as solid state physics which deals with the structure and properties of solid objects. Condensed matter physics studies deal with solids and liquids, while solid state physics only refers to solid objects. The microscopic physical characteristics are the primary focus of this highly specialized branch of physics.

Studies in Condensed Matter Physics involve lessons in superconductivity, crystallography, ferromagnetism, super fluids and super solids. Students also are familiarized with Bose-Einstein condensate, Fermionic condensate, and Fermi fluids. Nanotechnology manufacturing and processes, semiconductors, lattice structure of solids and liquids, and magnetic resonance force microscopy are all avenues of specialized studies.

Careers in condensed matter physics exist in metallurgical sector, electronic industry, computer chipset manufacturing facilities, and glass industry. Scholars in condensed matter physics are in great demand in research organizations across the globe and in leading academic institutes. Critical application enterprises like defense research and processes, and astronomical institutes provide challenging assignments to qualified scholars of this subject.

Condensed Matter Physics Institutes in India

Condensed matter physics being a specialized subject is taught at post graduation level in the premier science colleges and technological institutes in India. Condensed matter physics colleges offering academic courses and research facilities are:

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, AF – 1, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700064; Tel.: 033-23375345 ; Website:

Course: Research in Condensed Matter Physics

Anna University, Chennai; Website:

Course: Research in crystal growth, X-Ray crystallography, and Nanoscience

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mehrauli road, New Delhi – 110067; Tel.: 011-26742676; Website:

Course: Research in Condensed Matter Physics

Scopes in Condensed Mater Physics in India

In India Condensed Matter Physics jobs are offered by Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), and MECON Industries Limited. These professionals are offered assignments as research scholars in units of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bhaba Atomic Research Center, and Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.

Scopes outside India

Students of Condensed Matter Physics courses in India are recruited by leading computer chip manufacturers like Intel and AMD. Semiconductor manufacturers like Virginia Semiconductor and Skyworks Solutions appoint scholars in different capacities. Many condensed matter physicists are offered educational assignments in universities, and research fellowships in laboratories.