Cryogenic Courses

Cryogenic Courses in India is a highly specialized field in science where elements and compounds are studied at very low temperatures. In cryogenics the Kelvin or absolute scale of temperature is followed which begins from -273? C (Celsius) or 0 K(Kelvin). At this temperature even all inert gases exist in their solid states. A cryogenicist studies the behavior of a substance at this temperature. In reality all elements are solidified at temperatures lower than -150? C or 123K.

Cryogenics courses are further classified into Cryonics (the study of preserving animals and humans for future revival), Cryoelectronics (the study of superconductivity in compounds and elements at very low temperatures), and cryobiology (study of the effects of extremely low t4empertutes on organisms for preservation purpose.

Careers in cryogenics though very specialized extend to different industrial segments. Liquid helium and liquid nitrogen are the tow commonest gases, transported and used in their cryogenic forms. These liquid gases are stored and transported in specially designed containers called Dewar flasks with diameter of three feet and length of six feet. Cryogenic containers are extensively used in liquefied fuel industries.

Cryogenic gases have widespread use in space research and aerospace expeditions. Liquid hydrogen is used as rocket fuel in most NASA space expeditions. Cryogenics also has bio-medical applications like storage of vaccines and food products. Cryogenic treatment is used in metallurgical industries for increasing hardness of metals. It has been established that cryogenic process is used to increase elasticity of clothing materials.

Cryogenic Institutes in India

Cryogenics is a highly specialized subject and researched in the post graduate level. The leading Indian academies offering cryogenics research opportunities are:

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – 560012, Tel.: 080-22932004; Website:

Course: Research in Cryogenics

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – 721302, West Bengal; Tel.: 03222-255221; Website:

Course: M. Tech in Cryogenic Engineering
Duration: Two years

Scope of Cryogenics in India and Abroad

Jobs in cryogenics are focused and attract the best talents available. Cryogenics scholars are offered placements in critical application industries like aerospace, defense research, and fuel. All space vehicles are fuelled by cryogenic gases. Liquefied natural gas is distributed and stored using cryogenic methods. Scholars completing cryogenic courses in India are appointed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre), and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Many qualified cryogenic professionals are appointed by academic institutes across countries.