Electroceramics Courses

Electroceramics Courses in India are extremely specialized fields of study. This field of study concentrates on the use of ceramics for electrical purposes. Ceramic has unique electrical, magnetic and optical properties which makes it a versatile material for uses in automation, power generation, and communication industries. Electroceramic technology developed with growing use of solid electrolytes, semiconductors, dielectric capacitors, and data storage devices.

Careers in electroceramics are concentrated in the electrical and industrial automation sectors. Most of the industrial automation companies operating in India are either part of multi national corporations or among the market leaders in the secondary economic sector. Courses in electroceramics are of the postgraduate level and involve exhaustive hands on research. Only the most sophisticated laboratories and institutes impart research facilities in electroceramics.

Electroceramics is a form of coating technology involving latest chemical and physical processes. The investments being of the most sophisticated nature could only be done by large scale manufacturing houses.

Electroceramics Institutes in India

Electroceramics being a very specific field of study is conducted by dedicated institutes. The electroceramics college where higher studies could be pursued is:

Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, 196, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Kolkata – 700032; Tel.: 033-24735829; Khurja Center, G.T. Road, Khurja – 203131, Uttar Pradesh, Tel.: 05738-245433; Naroda Center, 168 & 169 Naroda Industrial Estate, Ahmedabad – 382330. Tel.: 079-22823345; Website: www.cgcri.res.in/index.php

Course: Research in Electroceramics

Scopes of Electroceramics in India

Electroceramics jobs are offered by manufacturers of industrial automation houses, power generation companies, and electrical manufacturers. Among the industrial automation companies, Larsen & Toubro, and India Robotics and Automation Private Limited are leading companies recruiting electroceramic professionals. These professionals are also offered placements in different capacities in power generation companies like CESC, BEST, and NTPC. In the electrical segment electroceramics jobs are offered by Anchor Electricals, Havell’s India or Landis & Gyr.

Scopes in Electroceramics outside India

Scholars undergoing electroceramics courses in India are offered placements in leading multi national companies, and major power generation plants. ABB (Asea Brown Boveri), Alsthom, Itochu Inc., and General Electric are among the leading multi national corporations manufacturing industrial automation products.