Fire Safety Courses

Fire safety courses include certificate courses to post graduation in fire safety. Presence of mind, promptness, and capacity to work in a team are few essential traits that a fire safety officer ought to have. As safety of human resources and property in commercial as well as residential areas is being given much importance to, fire safety is essentially making inroads into course structure offered by colleges and educational institutes.

Courses offered in fire safety

Aside from degree, there are advanced diploma, certificate, diploma and post graduate diploma courses as well.

Eligibility criteria for admission into fire safety

The admission procedure may vary from one college to another. The same applies for admission into certificate or diploma courses. For post graduation degree in fire safety, post graduate diploma or advanced diploma, institutes prefer graduation marks for enrollment. The duration of the courses also vary from one institute to another.

Fire safety Course content

Students are taught different subjects related to fire safety and few such topics include the following-

  • Hazard Control Technology
  • Fire Services – History
  • Principles of Industrial Safety and Accident Prevention
  • Basic of Transmission, Steering System and Brakes, and Suspension
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Organizational Leadership and Safety
  • Fundamentals of Fire Engineering

Institutes offering fire safety in India

Names of institutes offering this course in the country are given below -

  • National Institute of Fire Management Chennai
  • Safety Engineering and Security Management Pune
  • College of Fire Technology Gujarat
  • National Center for Professional Training Kerala
  • International Institute of Fire Engineering
  • Indian Institute of Fire Engineering New Delhi
  • Institute of Fire and Safety Technology Kochi
  • National Institute of Fire and Safety Kochi
  • National Fire Academy Vadodara
  • Institution of Fire Engineers New Delhi