Forestry – Wildlife

With roughly 20% of the total geographical area of India under forests, it has become more important than ever to conserve the forests and maintain the equilibrium between forests and the wildlife. Students qualified in the field of forestry and wildlife have a large role to play in the sustainable use and conversation of the forest area and its inhabitants.

Eligibility: If you are interested in building you career in forestry or wildlife, you will need to study science in the higher secondary level. A degree in forestry or wildlife can be taken in the undergraduate and the post graduate level. For admission to a post graduation degree in forestry you must be a graduate in life sciences or geography. Short term training is also conducted in several forestry related topics such as Wood science, Natural resource management, Forest management and planning and Remote Sensing for forest surveys. These short term programs are conducted by the Forest Survey of India, located in Dehradun.

Entrance Exams: There are no entrance exams for courses on forestry and wildlife.

Best universities, institutions and colleges: Institutions that offer courses in forestry and wildlife include:

Name of Institution Located Course offered
Birsa Agricultural University Kanke, Ranchi Four year undergraduate course in forestry and related sciences, Post graduation in Forestry
Forestry Research Institute Dehradun Post graduate degree courses in Forestry, Wood Science and Technology Post graduate Diploma in Natural Resources Management
Indian Institute of Forest Management Bhopal Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management
Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology Bhubaneshwar Undergraduate degree in Forestry
Wildlife Institute of India Dehradun Masters in Wildlife Science, Post Graduate Diploma Course in Advanced Wildlife Management, Certificate Course in Wildlife Management, Short term courses

What Are the Prospects / Future: In the field of forestry and wildlife, life is adventurous and you need to spend a lot of time outdoors. A student who has done a course in Forestry and Wildlife or any related field can work as a forester, wildlife curator or a research scientist. Forestry experts are also used by the government to reach out to the people who live near the forests and train them prudently using forest resources. Another bright option is the Indian Forest Services, in which you get to work under the Ministry of Environment and Forests and help the country conserve its natural resources.