Graphology Courses in India

Graphology is not only about analyzing personality from handwriting. It is also used as a therapy for personality correction. A professional graphologist can bring positive changes in a person’s personality by changing his/her handwriting. Study in graphology deals with basics of writing features, understanding and analyzing handwriting techniques and features of different types of handwriting, You will know how to relate the different styles of handwriting to the personality traits. In the advanced level, you will gain an insight into the thoughts and action of the people through their handwriting.

Institutes in India Offering Graphology Courses

In India, some of the reputed institutes offering courses in graphology are -

    Address: c/o Mr. Satyen Srivastava
    164, Engineers Estate 21,
    I P Extension, Patparganj,
    Courses Offered: Amateur quick graphology learner course
    Certification course in graphology
  • Handwriting Analysts India 
    Courses Offered: The Beginners Diploma Course
    The Comprehensive Diploma course
    The Evaluated Trait Diploma Course
  • M J Rajore’s Graphology Institute / Institute of Graphology and Personal Success, Mumbai and Pune

Career Prospects in India and Abroad

With a degree in graphology, you can work in sectors like – career guidance, marriage compatibility center, recruitment center, personality development, child development, forensic departments, private investigation centers, consultancy agencies, and so on. However, as a professional, the weightage increases if you could also complete a course in human psychology. Outside India, a professional graphologist is also needed to deal with psychological disorders.