Home Science Courses

For creative people who have the capability to use their skills in a logical and practical manner, while bringing various artistic visions to life, a career in the home sciences is the perfect fit. Not only will you have the opportunity to use your creativity skills in an inspired and imaginative way, but you can utilize that skill-set to improve the lives of others. Further, you can embark on a career in the field of home sciences in either India or abroad. This focused area of course study will use skills involving art, science, communications and business. Types of Home Science Courses Studies in the field of home science in India can involve either undergraduate or graduate level degree paths. It is most common for students to begin with a B.Sc. degree, which is a Bachelor’s degree in home sciences. For brighter and more motivated students, this degree is available in India as an honors level course of study. In their Bachelor’s degree studies, students will learn about:

  • Communications
  • Math
  • Fabric Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Resource Management
  • Human Development
  • Social Studies

For those engaged in honors level home science courses, students can choose to have a focus on any one of the above mentioned topic areas. Determining the best area of specialization will depend on both the individual student’s academic strengths and also the course area that is most intriguing to her. Studentsmay also wish to speak with their college counselor in order to gain additional insight. Eligibility for Home Science Course Home science studies in India are typically available only to female students. An undergraduate level home science diploma will only be an option after the applicant has completed a set of examinations to determine degree eligibility and competence. The student will need to have a complete background in one of several areas of science prior to be considered for a home science line of study. Universities in India Offering Home Science Course Some of the reputable universities in India that offer home science degrees include:

Career Options for Home Science Graduates There are a multitude of career opportunities for individuals who have earned their home science diploma. Some of these jobs include:

  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Interior Design
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Child Care Management
  • Education
  • Textiles
  • Management

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