Investment Management Courses

Investment Management is a specialized branch of management. In investment management, various assets, securities, funds, stocks, real estate are managed to deliver what the investors need. The investors can either be an organization, company and corporations or a private investor- both direct and collective investment. Investment Management is also referred to as Asset Management.

Also in some sectors like banking, it is referred to as collective fund Investment management. The investment manager, who is specialized in a particular field, typically represents investors and offers their services for wealth management or portfolio management. This article provides an overview of Investment Management Courses.

In Investment Management courses various details, working and statistics of investment are explained. The curriculum includes asset selection, plan implementation, financial analysis, stock management, monitoring of current investment and other elements. Investment management courses define various investment styles, long-term returns, etc.

Eligibility for Investment Management Courses:

Majority of the courses are offered to the professional managers from companies, banks, and private institutes. The basic qualification required to do this course is to be a graduate with some years of corporate experience. Typically people from finance sector or commerce field are preferred for these courses. Many of the well known institutes offer this specialized course in investment management. Many corporate firms and banking organizations offer internal courses for their managers and employees.

Becoming an investment manager is not an easy task. You learn various investment styles, along with the types of client, range of market analysis, investment decisions, fee structures for the managers and portfolio risks among other investment techniques.

Institutes Offering Investment Management Courses:

Some well known institutes and organizations that offer PGDBM or specialized certification course in investment management in India are -

Then universities like Punjab University, University of Lucknow, and Delhi University offer Masters in Finance & Control course. They also offer Bachelor’s degree in Financial & Investment Analysis. Thus there are quite a good number of institutes that offer Investment Management Courses in India.