Leather Technology Courses in India

Leather Technology is that branch of science and art that deals with the study of Leather as a material, structure and matter, and how it can be produced and used for further production of various objects . The course is a detailed study of its properties, functionality, manufacturing and usage, thereby giving Leather Technologists to be a part of various organizations where they can put leather to a creative and substantial use. Though it is an engineering study, but the carrier is not only limited to that, as the worlds of Fashion and Art, have also embraced leather as an important raw material. You can create shoes, handbags, luggage bags, household interior objects and many other things with leather and thereby putting engineers to work, in deciding what texture or variety of leather would be used for which purpose. 

A student who is interested in this area of study can apply for an engineering degree, after finishing his Senior Secondary from Science stream, and apply fro the entrance examinations by various institutions offering this course under B Sc or B Tech programmes. 

Various Colleges and Institutions that are offering this course of Leather Technology are:

  • BR Ambedkar Regional Engineering College, Punjab
  • College of Leather Technology, University of Kolkata
  • Muzzafarnagar Institute of Technology, Bihar
  • Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai
  • Priyadarshani Engineering College
  • Bharathi Institute of Technology, Chennai
  • Govt. College of Engineering and Leather Technology, West Bengal
  • Central Leather Research Institute.

A student who wishes to be a part of the leather technology courses, need to clear the entrance that individual colleges conduct to enroll students, under various programmes. You can have a look at the previous years’ entrance question papers and do your preparations accordingly. Also revise Senior secondary Chemistry, especially leather as a compound. Do your own research and study about leading leather manufacturing and leather product industries. 

In India there is huge scope for the course, as various leather producing industries, in various forms and articles hire leather technologists. You can apply in export and trading firms, footwear and luggage manufacturing industries. You can also work as a Leather Technologist with fashion houses and designer labels or brands who use leather as a raw material to produce apparels, and accessories. Also available is the world of Academics.