Materials Management Courses in India

Materials Management is that branch of Management which works closely with Logistics but a little more deeper than that, as it checks the quality of the production and dispatching. It also keeps tab on the remaining raw materials and spare materials and work on its ordering, delivery or preservation, within quality standards of the organization. This management basically deals with the accessibility and usage of material used in the production and material delivered after the production, for customers. Both Logistics and Materials management are a part of Supply Chain Management.

The course can be undertaken by any graduate student on a degree or diploma basis, though IIMM also offers a graduation programme, in this area, for which you can apply after Senior Secondary as well. Materials Management covers areas such as Manufacturing Management, Quality Analysis and Supply Management.

You can appear for the various individual entrance exams for the course, in various universities and colleges. The course can also be done through distance learning from IGNOU.

Some top most colleges that provide different programmes on Materials Management are:

  • Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM), Thane
  • International Council for Management Studies, Chennai
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Welingkars Institute of Management, Mumbai
  • Kaizen School of Business Management, Mumbai
  • MDI, Gurgaon,
  • XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institutes of Materials Management.

To clear the entrance, you need to be thorough with the basic Business ideas and principles, of Senior Secondary level and elementary Mathematics. You need to work on your English and analytical skills too. Update your IQ on current market trends and rates of commercial materials.

You have good carrier prospects, in both private and government sectors in this area, as you can join an organization as material manager, supply manager, operations manager and quality manager. The companies who produce huge quantity of commodities and deliver them through cargoes, appoint candidates of Material Management, like export and trading firms, courier services, defense, railways, and transport.