Operations Research Courses in India

This Management programme deals with that branch of study which works for the technological area of an organization, how and in what manner technology has to be used in a firm and what should be its operations. Dealing purely with mathematical and analytical analysis of the working of an organization, this area involves technological, statistical tools for its working, to achieve economical benefits and task efficiency.

A student can do this course under Business Management and can apply for a post graduate diploma or degree after finishing their graduations. You can appear for the common entrance exams for Management, though other degrees are also available for this course like , M .Tech, M. Sc and Graduate diploma, for which individual entrance examinations are being conducted by the colleges offering the programmes.

Some of the Indian Universities and Colleges offering Various programmes in this area of study are:

To get an admission in this course, you need to prepare for the common entrance test, which asks for analytical and reasoning skills. Your statistical and mathematical knowledge should be good, as it is the pre- requisite of this course, with that you need to work on market and business analysis. Proper information of technological operations and financial workings, are also some qualities you need to build up. Prepare with the help of previous years’ sample papers.

The job prospects in this area range from sectors as diverse as aviation, hospital, transport and travel departments, government sectors and international business. You can work in an organization as a research analyst, associate analyst, data analyst and business analyst. You can also go into lecturer- ship by pursuing a Ph. D in Operations Research.