Paleontology Courses in India

Paleontology Courses in India is of interest to scholars interested in prehistoric life and its relation to its environment. This historical science aims at explaining causes rather than investing the effects of any incidence. Paleontology as a subject started developing in he 18th century after George Cuvier’s work on anatomy.

Paleontology forms a connection between geology, biology and archaeology. It studies the evolution of different life forms in relation to their environment beginning from pre-historic era. Study of fossils of dinosaurs, fishes and animals are an integral part of paleontology programs. Investigations in paleontology are based on engineering and biochemical techniques. The use of mathematical tools and models play a critical role in determining paleontological findings.

Paleontology is broadly classified into two branches: one studying different fossil forms and formations, and the other specializes in studying ancient climates and environment. The evidence of ancient life is found from body and trace fossils. During the last two decades of the 20th century significant development in molecular phylogenetics has aided paleontologists in determining the DNA structure of fossils. Improved investigation techniques and invention of advanced devices have enabled paleontologist scholars to determine the exact date of emergence of plant, animal, and human lives on earth.

Paleontology Institutes in India

Paleontology is a highly specialized subject and taught at post graduate levels. Extensive research work is required to become a qualified paleontologist. Paleontology degrees are awarded by selected universities and institutes in India. The only paleontology college in India is

Geological Survey Of India, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad – 500068, Tel.: 040-24220681; Website:

Course: Paleontology refresher course

Scope of Paleontologists in India and Abroad

Paleontology jobs are specialized and exceedingly motivating. A paleontologist is required to travel to exotic and historic places in search of evidence of early life. Archaeological and geological research institutes in India and overseas are always on the lookout for qualified paleontologists. Apart from research, scholars completing paleontology courses in India take up teaching assignments in higher academies in selected cities. Geology, archaeology and anthropology scholars also take up assignments as paleontologists after receiving specialized training.