Private Detective Courses

If you like to get involved in a profession that involves a lot of adventure and thrill then being a private detective would be the right choice. To be successful in this profession you need to pursue private detective courses from a registered institute.

Eligibility for Private Detective Courses

For pursuing a one-year diploma course, one needs to have a graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized institute. Apart from basic academic qualification, one needs to possess analytical mind, alertness, ingenuity, good physique, dynamism, as they can face any kind of security threats from time to time.

Institutes Offering Private Detective Courses in India

Some of the popular institutes, offering private detective courses are as follows:

  • The National Institute of Private Investigation, New Delhi
  • All-India Private Detectives Association, New Delhi
  • The Indore Christian College, Indore
  • ACE Detectives India International Securities, New Delhi
  • Lancers Network Limited, New Delhi

Some organizations run by police academies also offer short term courses on private investigation.

Institutes Offering Private Detective Courses Abroad

  • The Canadian Academy of Private Investigation – offers distance learning in investigation and under-cover detection.

Career Prospects

After completion of private detective course, you can get employment in various security agencies, where the work involves providing security covers to government or private establishments, commercial and residential complexes, auditoriums, large events, festivals, and fairs. Depending on the degree and nature of investigation, though sometimes the threat could be very risky, the brighter side is this job would never let you get bored and after each success leave you more confident.

One can also buy a franchise or set up independent establishment and work on his own. However, the success of business depends on the knowledge, investigative skills, experience, and reputation in the market. If you opt to work in an organization, with time and skills, you can proceed to become senior investigator. In India there are nearly 1000 security agencies and 400 detective firms (registered), which are either run by business organizations or ex-servicemen. As most of the owners do not come from any investigative background, they hire people who have knowledge in this field.

Work Profile of a Private Investigator

The work of a private investigator mainly involves implementing knowledge techniques like photography, finger printing or tracking someone, to probe into some confidential matters. As the client shares some very personal or secret information, one needs to keep all the investigation details confidential. Additional knowledge of forensic science can be of great help in this field. Some of the most common problems for which a private detective is hired are –

  • Corporate Intelligence: Sometimes investigators are hired to find information about infringement of copyrights, trademarks, verification of assets of a person who has applied for a loan, information about pirating goods, information about another organization, training and deploying bodyguards and security personnel for various establishments, investigating on accident or insurance claims.
  • Industrial Espionage: Private investigators are hired to solve cases like theft or fraud which involves executives who are involved in passing on know-how or patents to rival companies, finding out credentials of potential employees, and so on.
  • Domestic Problem: Private detectives are also hired to solve petty domestic cases that include child custody, divorce, spouse infidelity, getting information prior to a marriage, disputer over property or will, unnatural death, and such other things.