Property Management Courses

Property Management deals with the study of maintenance and control of land, industrial or residential. On what land, what type of infrastructure should be built, what kind of raw materials and labor has to be used, and what should be the rates of that property, all comes under this area of study. It also involves the allotment and accountability of the land, which has to be a point of consideration for a trained Property manager.

This course is offered under various degree, diploma, and short term certificate courses, by many institutes and by government. A student can pursue MBA in Real Estate Management, after Graduation for which he will have to clear the entrance which includes group discussion and personal interview also.

The India Institute of Real Estate (IIRE), offers various diploma courses under its certification like,

  • Principles and Practices of Real Estate, (also an online course)
  • Transnational Referral Certificate
  • Fundamentals of Property Management

Apart from colleges like IIRE, which are exclusively for Property Management courses, various other colleges also offer this area of study under various diplomas and degree certificates. Some of these universities and colleges are:

  • Institute of Real Estate Management
  • India Institute of Real Estate
  • Yagnas Academy of Real Estate Management, Hyderabad
  • Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

To clear the entrance you need to work on the analytical and reasoning skills, logic and English. Also get acquainted with the current business and real estate market, the property rates, labor rates and the industrial sector. For a professional accomplishment you need to work on your communication and convincing skills as well.

The market of the real estate and land possession is prospering in India, be it commercial, industrial or residential, property dealers are earning huge money, in their area. In this sector you can work in a commercial brokerage, residential brokerage, industrial brokerage, as a land developer, real estate counselor and developer, or an urban planner.