Psychiatry Courses

Psychiatry deals with the study of human behavior and treatment of any disorder that is attached to mental health of the person. This science deals with acute observation and study of the stimuli and elements that affect human mind and the various ways in which such a person can be treated or helped. The course enables you to understand the ways in which Psychologically suffering patients are treated, which is through constant questioning, analysis and patience. The course is a very professional one, which revolves as much around science of human mind as the arts of coming closer to human behavior.

The students willing to pursue professional courses in this field, need to be trained in this area or graduates. You can go for a post graduate programme offered by various colleges in India, under this subject or Various high level diplomas or certificate courses. You can also go for a Psychology Bachelors degree in Humanities or Science from colleges, which will culminate into a thorough and professional study of Psychiatry, and would lead to treating people suffering from such problems.

There are various colleges and universities offering Bachelors, Masters or Diploma courses after graduation or MBBS programmes, these are:

The course needs thorough knowledge of the human behavior and medical status. For clearing the entrance examination for the course you need to practice the previous years' sample papers. Also work on your analytic skills and communication skills.

This highly professional certificate will enable you to establish yourself as a professional psychiatrist. You can start your own clinic, or work with government health and mental asylums or rehabilitation centres. You can work as a counselor or as an academician too.