Quantitative Economics Courses in India

aIn a rapidly emerging economy like India, Quantitative Economics certainly plays an important role. A set of tools comprising theories, algorithms, mathematical optimization, and statistics that can clearly define and analyze a particular economic event or phenomena is referred to as Quantitative Economics.

This particular field has assumed greater importance over the years. As such students are enrolling for the study programs related to this field even more with every passing year. There are many institutes that offer quantitative economics at the undergraduate as well as post graduate level.

Institutes offering Quantitative Economics courses in India

The names of the institutes offering this course in India are listed below.

Institute for Integrated Learning in Management in New Delhi - The institute offers Executive Post Graduate Program in Economics and Quantitative Techniques

Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata West Bengal - The institute offers Master of Science Research in Quantitative Economics

Indian Statistical Institute in New Delhi offers Master of Science Quantitative Economics

Berhampur University in Orissa offers Master Degree in Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques as well as Master of Philosophy Quantitative Methods and Agricultural Economics

E.M.E.A College of Arts and Science in Malappuram in Kerala offers Certificate Course in Quantitative Economics Indian Institute of Management in Kozhikode in Kerala offers Fellow Program in Management – Quantitative Methods and Operations Management.

Andhra University in Visakhapatnam offers Master of Arts in Quantitative Economics

Distance learning programs in Quantitative Economics

Names of few distance learning programs in Quantitative Economics are as follows -

  • Academy of Commerce in New Delhi
  • Singhal’s Professional Institute in Delhi
  • BM Academy of Commerce in New Delhi

Eligibility criteria for admission into Quantitative Economics

For enrolling into a study program (post graduate) related to Quantitative Economics a student is required to complete bachelor’s degree in the related subject. Engineering students are also eligible. Knowledge in Mathematics and Economics at the undergraduate level is a must.