Sanitary Inspector Course

For individuals concerned about the health and wellbeing of the environment and also interested in taking measures to ensure that the world is a healthier place, a career as a Sanitary Inspector would be a suitable match.  Acompetent Sanitary Inspector will have great attention to detail, be able to work well as part of a team, be physically fit and will have the ability to follow standardized guidelines.

Required Education and Training

To be hired as a Sanitary Inspector, a college degree and specialized training will be required.  This is true whether the graduate is looking for a job in the public or private sector. Applicants will need to start their academic journey with a high school diploma. Once enrolled in college, Sanitary Inspector diploma courses will last approximately one year. A passing grade in class XII science is required.  Once a student has been hired, they will receive specialized on-the-job training from their employers as well.  Additionally, because some of these positions can be very physically demanding, it is imperative that Sanitary Inspectors engage in a continuing fitness regime so that they are fit enough to handle all of their duties.  Because, guidelines relating to environmental health and safety issues continue to evolve over time, employees will need to avail themselves of continuing education so that they are the best in the business at all times.

Career Opportunities

  • Health Department Planner
  • Consultant: National Government
  • Consultant: Local Government
  • Consultant: Private Sector
  • Health Inspector
  • Safety Management
  • Inspection Supervisor
  • Safety Training Educator
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Environmental Protection Officer
  • Occupational Health Specialist

Sanitary Inspector Courses in India

Students interested in becoming a Sanitary Inspector can obtain their diploma at any of the following locations in India:

  • Chengalpattu Medical College in Tamil Nadu
  • National Industrial Training Center in New Delhi
  • Kilapuk Medical College in Chennai
  • Madras Medical College in Chennai
  • Stanley Medical College in Chennai
  • Madurai Medical College in Chennai