English Speaking Courses

Spoken English is as necessary these days to survive in a competitive world as your education and certificates are. With business and dealings expanding on an international level, every company expects its employees to be able to communicate with their clients in English and help in their business’s growth. Spoken English is not only necessary in a work environment in fact it is also required on academics level, as all the professional courses make English speaking abilities a necessity and want good interactive students.

Even in your daily life, English speaking has become a necessity, as you don't want to feel low or inferior to any one and thus there are many English speaking courses have been introduced that enable people to overcome their lack of confidence and complexes and enter the world of Globalization.

Many institutes have launched their English Speaking short term courses or certificate courses, though reputed universities and colleges also offer these courses on diploma basis. You can join an English speaking course at any point of time without any heavy requirements or degrees.

Some of the institutions offering various courses in this area are:

  • Veta Global Institute
  • British Council, New Delhi
  • Russell Institute of English
  • National Institute of Education and Software Technology, New Delhi
  • Inlingua Bangalore
  • Bangalore School of Training, with accent training.

Various institutes have their placements test and interviews, for enrolling candidates under their English speaking programmes. For being able to pass the test, you should read grammar dictionaries, like Wren and Martin, Norman and Lewis, practice comprehension papers, read newspapers and work on your vocabulary.

The course enhances your confidence level and you feel more presentable in front of a group of academicians. It also opens job opportunities for you in Multi National Companies and Internationally dealing companies. You can apply in Foreign trade if you belong to that area and explore Global options for yourself. You can also be a part of these Institutions as a faculty, through the internal placement schemes.