Stock Broker Courses

Prior to delving into the academic part of stock broking, it is important to know what stock broking is. Stock brokers are professionals that help in the sale and purchase of securities and stocks. Enrolling for a course in stock broking will ensure that a prospective stock broker is in a better position to understand the underlying concepts of the stock markets and how it functions. Also important is to develop the power of analyzing the market trend and taking the necessary action as deemed feasible.

Formerly, an individual intending to enter the stock market as a stock broker was not required to have prior knowledge in this field. However, with the changing scenario, the need for formal education in stock broking is increasingly being felt. As such many institutes have started offering study programs in this field.

Institutes offering stock broking courses

Names of few of the institutes offering study programs in stock broking include -

  • The Orion Institute of Capital Market in New Delhi
  • Bombay Stock Exchange Training Institute in Mumbai
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India in New Delhi
  • The UTI Institute of Capital Market in Navi Mumbai
  • All India Centre for Capital Market Studies in Nashik
  • Institute of Financial and Investment Planning in Mumbai
  • Institute of Capital Market Development in New Delhi

Eligibility criteria for admission into stock broking courses

The minimum educational qualification for admission into a stock broking course is graduation. A minimum of 2 years working experience is required for the course. In order to work as a sub-broker, the minimum qualification is a pass in class XII.

Admission procedure for enrollment into stock broking courses

The first step is to register with the stock exchange. An admission test is held, qualifying candidates are required to undergo training for a stipulated time period. Names of few entrance tests that are held include the following-

  • BSE Certification on Securities Markets
  • BSE Certification on Central Depository
  • BSE Certification on Derivatives Exchange
  • BSE Certification on Currency Futures