Tea Management Courses in India

Tea Management is that area of Management which trains you in the business of tea production. The various aspects included in this area would be, the management of the plantations, estates, finances, agricultural needs, labor management, storage and marketing, every aspect is taught in the Tea Management courses. You would also learn to brand the varieties of tea and experiment and research in the same field.

The courses or professional training in this area need skills rather than degrees. A student who is done with his Senior Secondary can apply for the courses provided under various diplomas, degrees and certificates, by various colleges,

Regional and state societies that offer professional certified courses are:

  • Assam Agricultural University, Assam
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore
  • Dipras Institute of Professional studies, Kolkata
  • The Tea Research Association, Kolkata
  • NITM, Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association, Darjeeling
  • UPASI Tea Research Institute, Tamil Nadu
  • Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies, Kolkata
  • The Tea Tasters Academy, Kerala

The Colleges or societies offering the course would be conducting a general aptitude test to see if the candidates are suitable for the industry. You need to work on your marketing knowledge and information about leading beverage industries in the country and over the world. A degree in Agricultural Sciences, Botany, Horticulture and Food Sciences would be an extra advantage to you. You should be aware of the basic agricultural necessities for tea productions, like what kind of soil, area and equipments would be required.

You can join the state level Tea Boards and Associations that are run by the government, which provide good opportunities in this field. You can work as a financial consultant, the financial head, estate manager, or can work in the marketing department. Jobs in Tea Brokerages as tea consultants or as a researcher are also some other options.