Transportation Management Courses

Transport Management is that branch of Management which deals with the whole procedure of dispatching goods, especially mass produced, and thereby associating various business elements to it like cost, labor, efficiency, labeling etc. The goods that are carried to long distances, as in export business, uses modes of water or air transport and in such cases, companies ought to hire efficient transport managers who can deal with the entire process of deliveries.

This management system can also be used in the transport department, where the public transportation systems are managed.

This area can be applied by graduates as it is basically a part of the job that requires minute details and work in a highly economical manner. The course is available in many Post Graduate Diplomas and under Masters programmes.

Universities that offer Transportation Management in India are:

  • Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh
  • Central Institute of Road Transport, CIRT, Madhya Pradesh
  • Indian Management School and Research Centre, Maharashtra
  • Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, IISWBM, West Bengal

The students who want to pursue their studies in Transportation Management, can apply for the entrance examinations conducted by the colleges, offering the course, which will require basic analytical and reasoning skills. You should work on your financial and economical IQ, about the country,and also improve your English skills, as the area needs dealing with various national and international clients.

The job prospects in Transportation Management are huge in both private and government sectors, especially travel sector. You can join Indian Railways, Aviation or Shipping Companies, which are involved in the transportation of goods and commodities or are simply travel based sectors. They hire people on officer posts with handsome pay scales. The private sector is equally inviting, as the co- ordination with international market and clients is increasing and thereby increasing role of transportation manager in an organization. You can join as a supply manager or engineer, dispatch executive (senior and assistant), transport manager, and security manager.