Career Options

It is often said that “Information is power”. But there are many students for whom the career journey is not all that smooth. This is because they are not able to access right information only to discover that they were not meant for that career option. With the increase in the number of career avenues, selecting the right career is definitely a time consuming process.Given below are few important aspects that you should keep in mind while choosing a career pathway.

Career Avenues

Web Designing Data Entry Video Editing Electronic Media
Drafting NGO Chef Cricketer
Police Inspector Economics Elementary Education Freelance Writing
Physician Gynecologist Sonography Radiologist
Occupational Therapy Pharmaceutical Industry Lab Technician Optometry
Crime Scene Investigation Firefighting Call Center BPO
KPO ITES Management Hospitality Sector
Travel And Tourism Industry Aviation FMCG Advertising And Public Relations
Consulting Geology Print Media Media
Paintings Art Modeling Jewelry MakeUp Artist

How to Select a Career

Regardless of the career option you choose, there are few guidelines that you ought to keep in mind. Read on to know more.

Self Analysis – The first step is to analyze your potential and capabilities. By the time you reach class X, you are able to identify the subject in which you stumble and the subject that can give you a great score.

S.W.O.T Analysis – It is very important to work out S (strength).W (weakness).O (opportunities).T (threats) analysis prior to settling for a career. Make a list of these parameters and write it down.

Most importantly, your temperament is also important when it comes to choose your career. For example, if you are dynamic and have leadership qualities, working as an administrator can give you satisfaction and good returns.

On the other hand, if you have a knack for painting and fine arts, you could always opt for a course in designing and sculpture.

Also important is to find out whether the field is saturated. If it is an emerging field, chances are that there is immense possibility for it to grow in future and if you can enroll for such a course, your batch will be one of the first batches to pass out in this field.

Keep option open for more than one career avenue- If you have zeroed in on a particular career pathway, make sure you also keep at least 2 other avenues open. For instance, if you are interested in engineering, keep your options open for at least 3 branches of engineering.

When to Think About Career

You should start thinking about your career seriously the moment you are ready to appear for your school board examination. The ideas and dreams conceived prior to that often change and are lost in the cut-throat competition.