Career Options in Electronic Media

There are two forms of media; the print media and the electronic media. Electronic media is the term used to describe any form of media to access which the user needs to make use of electronic or electromechanical forms of energy. The radio, television, computer and telephone are some forms of electronic media which we make use of in our daily lives. Needless to say, electronic media plays a very important role in our lives these days. It is on every step that we encounter or use some form of electronic media. Therefore being a part of the growing electronic media industry is also a chosen career option for several young and talented students in India.

Educational Requirements for a Successful Career in Electronic Media 

Originally, a flair for writing, good communication skills and the ability to work hard were the basic requirements for pursuing a career in electronic media. Today, with the growth in the industry, academic qualifications are also necessary to prove your worth in electronic media. The eligibility criteria for a person who wants to apply for a post with the leading electronic media in the country are:

  • 10+2 in Arts, Science or Commerce streams of study.
  • Bachelor degree in Journalism / Mass Communication or Bachelor Degree in Arts, Science or Commerce
  • Post Graduation Degree in Journalism / Mass Communication is an added advantage but not necessary.
  • Diploma or Certificate Course in special areas of Journalism like television, sports or entertainment.
  • An inquisitive bent of mind, knowledge of current affairs and history and the power of expression through writing and speaking are essential qualities for a budding electronic media professional.

Best Institutes of India for Pursuing Journalism / Mass Communication

Being armed with a degree from an institution of repute makes the job searching procedure easier and fulfilling. These are the best colleges and universities in India that you must enroll in to pursue a degree or diploma in Journalism / Mass Communication:

  • A J Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre
  • Asian College of Journalism
  • Bhavan’s College of Communication
  • Indian Academy of Mass Communication
  • Indian Centre for Media and Communication
  • International Institute of Mass Media
  • International Media Institute of India
  • K J Somaiya Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Symbiosis Institute of Communication
  • Xavier Institute of Communication

Career Prospects in Electronic Media

With the introduction of several television channels and FM radio stations, the career opportunities in the field of electronic journalism has increased manifold. The positions a person working in electronic media usually holds are:

  • Field Reporter
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Field and In-house Correspondent
  • News / Program Anchor
  • Presenter
  • News Analyst
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Cinema Projectionist
  • Media Marketing Executive
  • Content Writer and editor
  • Audiovisual Production Specialist
  • Advertising Executive

A Mass Communication / Journalism degree can also lend you a job in the fields of direction, program research, production, script writing and camera & sound departments.

Salary Brackets in Electronic Journalism 

The salaries for beginners in the electronic media industry are not very lucrative. But hard work and experience can take you a long way in the field of electronic journalism. The government of India has laid down certain guidelines regarding the salary brackets of professionals in this industry. According to the government directives,

  • Fresher and senior reporters of all government owned electronic media must be paid anything between 5,500 to 9,000 rupees per month.
  • Sub editors and chief reporters must earn anything between 5,000 to 10,500 rupees per month.
  • An editor’s salary bracket is in the range of 7,500 to 12,000 rupees per month.

Asides a fixed remuneration, all journalists and professionals working with the electronic media are given traveling allowances, stay expenses while on the field and incentives depending on the performance.

Top Companies in the Field of Electronic Media 

The number of companies in electronic journalism is increasing by the day. However, there are certain names in the industry which cannot be ignored and continue to feature on the top of the list of organizations to work in as a journalist or any other professional from the electronic media industry. Here is a list of the best job providers in electronic media:

  • Star India
  • Zee Telefilms
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Bennett Coleman & Company
  • New Delhi Television
  • Malayala Manorama & Company