Career in Elementary Education

The education system in India is one of the largest and highly developed systems. It plays a significant role in the all-round development of the child. There are different phases of education in India such as pre-primary, elementary, secondary and higher education. Elementary education is the education offered to the children between the age group of 4 to 14. It provides a strong base of academic disciplines to the young children and prepares them for secondary school. In addition to that, elementary education teaches the concepts of social interaction, teamwork and personal responsibility. Therefore those who pursue a career in elementary education need to perform a very important job of building the foundation of children’s education.

The elementary teachers teach various subjects, group activities, sports etc. to the students. They teach the lessons, practicals in different subjects, assign the homework and provide feedback. In addition to teaching the routine subjects, the elementary teacher trains the students to use the internet and computer software. Other tasks of the teacher include teaching interpersonal skills and values like courtesy and responsibility, administration of appropriate classroom discipline, monitoring the halls, coaching sports, leading class field trips etc. The specialization areas for the elementary teachers are music, art, physical education and foreign language.

Qualifications Needed for Elementary Education Career:

As elementary education is very important phase in the life of the child, the elementary teachers should be well qualified and trained.In most states, one can start a career in elementary education after passing the bachelor degree or a master’s degree in the relevant subject. The Bachelor of Elementary Education program is offered by District Institutes of Educational Training established in almost all the districts in every state of India. The elementary teachers should have some additional qualifications such as deep knowledge in their subjects, good communication skills, confidence, patience, liking for the subject, ability of understanding the children, organizing capacity, creativity, helpful nature etc.

Elementary Education Jobs:

Job opportunities in elementary education are available in various government, private and elementary schools. The teachers can also get the jobs in preschools, daycares or in research. There are various areas like Special Education, school librarian, Guidance Counselors, Reading Specialists, Resource Teachers and School Administration where one can find a job.

Salary packages for the elementary teachers can be comparatively less when we compare them with other sectors. The growth may also not be rapid in this field.