Career in Firefighting

Firefighting is a rewarding and challenging career option, as safety management has become a major concern across the organizations. In addition to putting out from fire, firefighters may also assist in various emergencies like road accidents, floods and earthquakes. While fighting fires, they extinguish the fire with high-pressure hoses, climb the ladders and enter the burning buildings and rescue the people caught in fire. A career in firefighting can thus be very adventurous.

Job opportunities in firefighting

Job opportunities in firefighting are available in various fields, be it rural or metropolitan areas, in airports, forests, chemical plants and other industrial sites. Some of the firefighters work in the units of hazardous materials. Some firefighters work as fire investigators who determine the causes of fire. They are employed in police department and insurance companies.

Skills required for Career in Firefighting:

The firefighters have to work anytime irrespective of day or night.

They should have mental alertness, courage, self-discipline, endurance, stamina, strength, mechanical aptitude, sense of public service and ability to take quick decisions. There are no special educational requirements to do jobs in firefighting. The bachelor from any discipline can join the firefighting department.

The candidate with fire engineering or fire science degree is more preferred. This course is available in many institutes in India such as Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering and National Center for Professional Training at Kerala. The fire engineers are eligible for the management cadre of Fire Service in public or government sector. They have a great scope in corporations, government bodies, educational institute and in the manufacturing organizations like petrochemicals and plastic, textile, petroleum refineries, LPG and LNG handling and bottling bodies all over the world. Some years of work experience helps to get promotions.

Career in firefightingmay involve a high risk of accidents, injuries and even death. The firefighters come in contact with flammable, poisonous and explosive chemicals and gases, which may be hazardous for their health. It can cause long-term effects on the body. They have to extend their duty for unlimited time in emergencies. Hence, they may lose social and family life.