Career Options in FMCG

Fast moving consumer goods, popularly known as FMCG, are goods which can be sold very quickly and at very low costs. Therefore fast moving consumer goods are also known as non-durable goods. The chief examples of fast moving consumer goods or consumer packaged goods are soft drinks, grocery products and toiletries. A survey of industries in India has shown that large profits are earned by the Indian government and private enterprises from the FMCG industries. Therefore the career opportunities in this sector are also many and lucrative.

Different Career Options in the FMCG Industry

The number of positions that one can hold when employed with the FMCG industry is many. The different job profiles in FMCG are categorized into the following sections:

  • Sales
  • Marketing – there are different categories of sales and marketing officers; the positions largely depend on the academic qualifications and the experience of the applicants. The general job profile requires sales and marketing officers to assess and manage the volume and profit of the industry’s business. The sales plans and the market shares are also managed by the sales and marketing positions in FMCG.
  • Human Resources - the overall HR process is developed and managed by this department. The HR process comprises coordinating, administering and retention of the organization’s workforce.
  • Operations - the logistics and manufacturing departments are organized and managed by the operations department.
  • Finance - the financial records and transactions of an FMCG organization is managed by the finance department. The department oversees the accounting methods and records.
  • Purchasing - optimization of costs while also maintaining the standard of the work generated is the responsibility of the purchasing department.
  • Supply Chain - ensures that all products of the FMCG industry are manufactured and delivered in the scheduled time.
  • General Management - the operation laws and directions are made and approved by this department in FMCG.
  • Product Development - the policies, research & development programs and business strategies of the organization are formulated by this department of FMCG.

Top Companies in the FMCG Sector in India

FMCG is the fourth largest sector of the Indian economy. The top ten companies in the Indian FMCG industry contribute a good deal to the growth and development of the Indian economy.

  • Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Indian Tobacco Company
  • Nestle India
  • Amul
  • Dabur India
  • Asian Paints
  • Cadbury India
  • Britannia Industries
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Marico industries

Given below is a brief guide on how to prepare to be part of the growing FMCG industry, what are the various prospects in a career in FMCG, the salary structure of FMCG professionals and the biggest names in this industry in the country.

The FMCG industry is also known as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

Why Should You Be A Part of the FMCG Industry?

The fast moving consumer goods industry is one of the most developing industries not only in India but also around the world. Some of the biggest names in the corporate world are part of the FMCG or CPG industry. While multinational companies conduct individual business, there are scores of small companies which work in association with the well known firms and generate revenue for the FMCG industry. Listed below are the chief reasons for choosing a career in FMCG.

  • Secure and stable - a dip in the economic conditions of the country cannot affect the condition of the fast moving consumer goods industry. Since the industry is associated with products we require to use in our daily lives, there is a sense of job security in the FMCG industry. For instance, you cannot stop consuming food and neither can you do without soaps and toothpastes even if the economy suffers from a depression.
  • Fast Growth and Experience - the products manufactured in the FMCG industry sell very quickly. Therefore the growth in the industry is also very fast. Whether you work in the sales, the operations or the accounting department of the FMCG industry, you will always experience growth and experience in your career.
  • Innovation Oriented - the FMCG industry is such a place which will allow you to make full use of not only your skills but also your creativity. There are various segments in the FMCG industry, like branding, advertising, sales and marketing. All these sectors of FMCG not only rely on your hard work but also on your creative ideas and innovations.
  • Opportunities Galore - there are openings in the FMCG industry not only in urban areas but also in the rural parts of the country. The job also requires you to travel, so exploring the job conditions in different areas of the country becomes easier.

11/21/2011 Essential Qualifications for a Career in FMCG

Good communication skills and good organizational skills are required for a career in FMCG. There are various sectors in this industry and therefore the academic qualifications vary for each sector.

  • A commerce degree from a good institution is essential for the sales, marketing and finance sectors
  • An MBA is essential for the HR department
  • A degree in any field coupled with an adequate knowledge of computers and web designing is essential for the advertising sector
  • Previous experience in another industry or in the same industry is an added advantage and always preferred