Career in Geology

Geology is that branch of science that deals with the study of the earth, its environment, history, minerals etc. Now a day, career in Geology is gaining lot more popularity. Different branches of Geology are structural geology, mineralogy, planetology, geomorphology, geological engineering etc. A person who studies the composition of the earth is known as the geologist. The geologists play a significant role in discovering and exploring the mineral wealth and natural resources of the earth.

Geologist Job Description

Main function of the geologists is to assess the natural disasters and its effects on environment, to find out the areas rich in under-water resources, oil, natural gas and minerals. They can assess the suitable areas for construction of bridges, roads, buildings and laying railway lines. The geologists can also explore the natural resources deep in the sea. They determine the quality of soil by conducting geo-chemical and geo-physical tests.

Career in Geology is an exciting and interesting option as there is plethora of job opportunities in Geology all over India. The people studying geology can work as Geologists, Meteorologists, Geographers or Oceanographers.The person having degree in geology can pursue a career in Petrology, Paleontology, Geophysics, Mining, Environmental Education, Research and Field Study.

As the geologists held significant role in exploring precious valuable mineral resources, they can get good employment opportunities in public and private sectors. Opportunities in Geology range from studying and predicting man-made and natural disasters to exploring mineral resources.

Geology Courses:

To start a career in Geology, one should complete some Geology courses such as M.A. or M. Sc. in Geology. Some of the institutes in India offering Geology courses are Aligarh Muslim University, Andhra University, Annamalai University, Amravati University, Banaras Hindu University etc.The Union Public Service Commission holds the tests for employment of geologists in Central Government Agencies. They can get good jobs in Geology in the Central Ground Water Board and the Geological Survey of India, Coal India, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Mineral Exploration Authority, Hindustan Zinc and many other organization offer excellent job opportunities for the geologists. The Defense and Para-military forces also utilize the services of geologists.

The geologists have to work on various sites. They may stay away from home for many days, which may be depressing to a few.