Career in Jewelry

As the love for Jewelry never seems to diminish, a career in jewelry has become a very attractive option in India. The jewelry industry includes bench jewelers, jewelry designers and gemologists. The bench jewelers use different common and specialized tools for designing, casting and manufacturing new varieties of jewelry, setting stones and adjusting or repairing pieces such as necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings etc. The gemologists study the characteristics, quality and value of gemstones. The job of gemologist needs very high skills. The jewelry designers design and make the jewelry. They prepare sketches by hand or using the computer-aided design programs such as CAD/CAM.

The jewelry industry is rapidly booming in India. Exports of Indian jewelry play an important role in nation’s economy and earning of foreign currency. Career in jewelry is a golden opportunity for those who are looking for a unique career option. Job opportunities in jewelry can be found in jewelry making and jewelry retailing. The jewelry makers make, adjust and repair the jewelry. Nowadays, the jewelry makers use a new technique such as cutting stones, welding with lasers and engraving. They also use the computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Skills Required for Career in Jewelry:

Retailing of jewelry also offers some good employment opportunities in jewelry industry. It requires selling skills, aesthetics, creativity and good communication skill. Job profile of jewelry selling includes personal accessories sales job, jewelry shop sales job, costume ornaments sales jobs, personal ornaments retail jobs, gold retailing jobs, online jewelry retail jobs, precious & semiprecious stones sales and marketing jobs, diamond sales & retailing jobs.

Courses for Career in Jewelry

As there are sparkling jobs in jewelry industry,there are new avenues for development and training, skill enhancement in designing and production of jewelry. Technical training courses in jewelry making and gemology are offered by several institutions including National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). NIFT has established many training centers all over the country. The courses include formal training in basic skills of trade such as repair work, metalwork, casting, fabrication and stone settings. Good job opportunities in jewelry are available in national and international jewelry making companies in India such as Tanishq, Inter Gold Gems etc. The jewelry makers have a great scope in foreign countries.