Career in Media Industry

Media industry is very vivid and one of the most versatile industry. Mass media, as it is called theoretically, is one of the most influential industries as it is directly connected with the mass audience. The main work of Media industry is to provide information and generate public opinion. The Media industry first started with the mass distribution of newspapers and magazines. Today, the definition of media has changed and media has many sub forms like Broadcasting with the help of TV and radio, Entertainment with use of audio visuals-films and videos, internet that includes blogs, forums, music, news, then Publishing of Books, papers, magazines, and it also includes postal mail, telephony and other interactive Media. The media has various purposes like providing entertainment, education, Advocacy among others. Thus the scope of a Career in media industry is vast.

Scope of Media Industry in India

According to the market analysis and research, Indian media industry has projected size of 7.7 billion US$. Moreover, it is estimated to be over 18 billion US$ by 2012.The television sector has a 42 % share and print media has 30 % share. The Indian entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world giving 1000 films per year. It is the largest output by any media industry in the world.

Raised regulations, quality content development, competitive pricing, increased consumer base and significant marketing, creative use of technology and work effectiveness are the key drivers of Indian media industry. Because of varied structure and root presences, many media companies in India have grown up speedily and are recruiting newer young talent for increased efficiency and creativity. Because of this starting a Career in media industry is the latest trend among many youngsters in India. The strong influence that media holds over people’s life has also attracted many to start a career in Media.The business opportunities in Indian media and entertainment industry are enormous. There is untapped potential along with the good creativity talent. In addition, good economy, FDI inflow, higher per capita income are the main reasons, because of which new media industries are opening up, thus giving good Career in media industry. Some of the reputed media companies in India are- Times Group which owns Indiatimes, Filmfare, Planet M, Times of India and many other brands, Adlabs, Zeetelefilms, UTV, Nimbus Communications, Sahara Group, Mukta Arts, Shrinagar Group, News Corporation, Sony, Walt Disney, Sun Network, BMG, Universal, The Indian Express, Manorama etc.