Career in Nursing

Nurses and nursing assistants form the largest group of workers in health sector. They are required in the hospitals and health centers right from general ward to operation theatre. Therefore, with the growth of the health industry, the demand for nurses is also increasing making a career in nursing very attractive. Nursing includes a wide range of responsibilities and functions. At the initial levels, the nurses take general care of patients. At the senior levels, they require specialized skills for managing pediatric, psychiatric and intensive care patients. The nurses are engaged in dispensing medication, setting up and operating medical equipment, keeping records of patient’s progress and administration.

Scope in nursing career in India and abroad

With increasing health consciousness in India, the quality of health services has improved. Skilled and specialized nurses are in high demand by the health organizations.

The nurses can get excellent employment opportunities in government or private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, old age homes, military services, industries and schools.

Majority of the nurses in India go abroad. Most of the nurses working throughout the world are from the Indian state of Kerala. The skilled nurses can get the employment in specialized fields like Surgical, Medical, ICU, Telemetry and ER.

Nursing courses in India

One should complete the nursing courses to start a career in nursing. There are numerous nursing schools colleges in India. The major courses are B. Sc Nursing, General Nursing and Midwifery, Hospital Nursing, Military Nursing, M.Sc Nursing, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife/Health Worker. After completing one of above courses, the nurse can directly start to work in the hospital. Nursing field is physically and mentally demanding. Career in nursing involves some risk factors such as exposure to infectious diseases. This profession requires long hours of work. The nurses should be courageous enough to handle all kinds of patients. They should be ready for night shifts and to extend their duties in emergency cases.