Career in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a science which is used to improve movement dysfunction, to promote the functions of human body and optimal health. It involves the maintenance, assessment, restoration of the physical functions and body performance. Physiotherapy is mainly recommended for the physically challenged people, the people suffering from degenerative disorders like arthritis, neurological disorders and sports people. It is a remedial, supplementary procedure used along with oral medicines. It is one of the rapidly growing areas of medicine that involves heat radiations, massages, tractions, water therapy and diathermy.

As physiotherapists can treat a wide range of disorders, they are highly in demand today making career physiotherapy very attractive. Hence, one can various physiotherapy courses and also go for specializations such as geriatrics, sports physical therapy, pediatrics, orthopedics and clinical electrophysiological and cardiopulmonary therapy.

Scope of Physiotherapy in India

In India, physiotherapy is a flourishing career option. There are ample employment opportunities for the physiotherapists in government and private sectors.

There are numerous clinics, hospitals, health departments, private nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in India where the

physiotherapists are employed. They can get self employment by starting private practice. The physiotherapists can opt for research and development works in the pharmaceutical companies and institutional laboratories. They can also select the teaching option. They are employed in the schools for mentally retarded and physically disabled children, defense medical establishments and rehabilitation centers for the handicapped.The physiotherapists can get excellent jobs in countries like USA, Australia and Canada.

Thus the scope of a Physiotherapy career is quite vast.

Physiotherapy courses

One can develop a bright career in Physiotherapy after completing some physiotherapy courses. Various courses are B. Sc in Physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy (MPT), Bachelor of Physiotherapy, M. Sc in Physical and Occupational Therapy, MPT in Sports Physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy in Neurology and Master of Physiotherapy in Orthopedics etc.