Career in Sonography

As Sonography is an integral part of healthcare industry, there is a great scope for career in Sonography in India. Sonography is that branch of radiography, which is used for accurate diagnosis of disease. It is a diagnostic medical procedure that involves the use of high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to create dynamic visual images of tissues, organs or blood flow inside the body. Sonography is applied to examine various body parts such as breasts, abdomen, heart, prostate, blood vessels and female reproductive organs. This procedure is helpful in detection and treatment of different disorders like heart diseases, vascular diseases, kidney stones, tumors, cancers, jaundice, tuberculosis etc as well as to guide the procedures like tissue biopsy, fine needle etc.

Sonography has a significant role in assessment of fetus growth during pregnancy. The main benefit of Sonography over x-ray is that it is radiation-free imaging modality. There are three types of Sonography such as Routine Sonography, Interventional Sonography and Doppler & Color Doppler.

Qualifications Needed for a Career in Sonography:

With the number of hospitals and healthcare centers increasing, there is growing demand for the sonographers.

Ample job opportunities in Sonography can be found in government and private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, healthcare centers, technical colleges etc. Jobs in Sonography covers various areas like healthcare, research and teaching. To be eligible for Sonography career, one should opt for Sonography courses such as B. Sc. in Sonography, Diploma in Sonography and Certificate Course in Sonography Diagnostic. Some of the institutes in India offering various Sonography courses are MV Shetty Institute of Health Sciences in Mangalore, Dr. BR Ambedkar Medical College Hospital in Bangalore, University College of Medical Sciences in New Delhi etc.

Skills Required for Sonography Jobs:

The sonographers have to work in various areas such as diagnostic imaging department, operation theatre, intensive care unit with the doctors and nurses. The sonographer should have some additional skills such as patience, dedication to work, calm temperament, ability to infuse confidence in patients, ability to learn new skills and techniques, accurate judgment and self-confidence and good communication skill.