Online Maths Tuitions

Maths is a major subject in the entire process of learning. The subject is introduced at the very early stage so that the students get a very clear idea of the subject by rigorous practice. However, for many the word maths spells trouble. They find handling numbers tricky. While in cases of senior students the problem may be in certain areas of maths. In order to overcome these difficulties students opt for tuitions. Some go to the tuition classes while others settle for home tutors. But in this age of internet, almost everything can be accessed from the comfort of home with the help of a personal computer. Today, hundreds of online maths tuitions are available on the net which are quite efficient as well as productive. Lessons are available for all age group including the nursery kids. One can get 24×7 help from these sites. There are lesson available in following subjects-

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Integers
  • Exponents
  • Inequalities
  • Percents
  • Square Roots
  • Basic Math
  • Everyday Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Advanced Topics

Lesson Process of Online Maths Tuition

There are many number of animated and narrated maths lessons available. Lessons are taught to you online. You can listen and watch a short tutorial on the subject you have chosen. This lasts for 2 to 10 minutes depending on the age of the child. Each lesson will explain the basic principles of the topic and are taught in simple steps and worked out examples. Students can stop and re-watch again and again till they get it right. Students are then tested on the topic in an online test. The results of these tests are given immediately as they are computer based tests or CBT’s. The child’s records are collected and evaluated to see areas of weakness, and which areas he must apply more effort and concentration.

Designs of the Lessons of Online Maths Tuitions

Most lessons are designed by seasoned maths teachers and are carefully planned for each age level and are synchronized with appropriate animated graphics. The lessons are designed in ways that any child will truly enjoy. The results have been highly successful for all children. The intelligent student gains as his skills are sharpened. And even children who find maths a difficult task improve in their ability to do maths as it is presented to them in exciting audio-visual lessons, which they can go back to again and again. This is especially useful to children who don’t understand in a classroom setup but feel shy to raise their hands in schools whenever they encounter a difficulty. These lessons are as good as having a teacher, or even better in some cases! The lessons themselves can take the place of a teacher, but the lessons can also be used as supplementary education. What’s more these lessons can be done anytime – either in school as part of the school curriculum or after school as part of homework activities. Benefits of Online Maths Tuitions

Parents find maths lessons extremely useful! In today’s world where technology and the learning methods have changed in leaps and bounds, parents often find themselves vulnerable to help their children in the difficulties of their education. Here’s where maths lessons come in handy. They are comprehensive lessons which can be replayed over again in case the child has any difficulty understanding. Students gain much confidence through doing maths lessons. These have been known to improve their maths skills and overcome the fear of doing maths that most children have. Maths is a logical subject and maths lessons teach this wonderful subject in a logical way. Understanding the principles of mathematics is the best way to grasp the subject. Maths is a challenging subject and most kids love to be challenged by the vastness of the subject. The more lessons they will do the more enthusiastic they will grow. Major Online Maths Tuitions

Mathguru- Mathguru is a pioneering math-help curriculum intended to offer answers to the student’s difficulties in a step by step manner using a pen and virtual notebook. Mathguru has a storehouse that contains all math problems and their answers, from the NCERT Math textbooks to those for Classes VI to XII. More than 10,000 solutions are obtainable on the Mathguru website.

Main features of Mathguru are- Original models to create and deliver content to enhance student learning.
Deliver new age learning to the students.
Smart class provides instructor-led education solutions for private schools, and has developed India’s largest content library.

ExcelMaths – Maths is known as the most methodical and easy subject but only if your concepts are clear. ExcelMaths believes that every student is special and has a singular speed to learn and enjoy Maths. The offers provided by us include-

Online mathematics coaching
Student-Specific lessons
Periodically review the course plan.

ExcelMaths always looks for matching the student’s development & to resolve their problems in mathematics whether associated to geometry, trigonometry or algebra. Online helps are available for children with difficulties in algebra, geometry & trigonometry related maths problems. ExcelMaths boasts of years of study and experience and believes that the best way to handle any mathematics problem is to comprehend the essential principles implicated in it. They also offer one to one sessions which are conducted in such a fashion that the students get to understand the fundamental concept before they continue to solve questions.

ExcelMaths has following features- 1.Scientifically planned lessons for each student
2.Short interactive sessions through whiteboard
3.Steps are worked out in front of the student
4.Specialist staff team for quality education
5.Flexibility, ease and practical pricing
6.Parents can get feedback on child’s progress
7.Regular tests are conducted to check understanding
8.Provide tutoring to almost all international curriculums
9.Also the regular students can benefit from special difficulty sessions every month, Revision Tests for each chapter and exam review sessions are offered totally free of cost.

ConquerMaths- ConquerMaths offers unique maths lessons for ages 11 to 16. With ConquerMaths you will have a skilled maths teacher available day or night to help you with homework, revision or to go over your missed lessons. The site believes that seeing, hearing & doing, in a personal ambience makes the learning process more effectual. Main features of ConquerMaths include- Video controls that put the student in complete control of the teacher, allowing them to recap any part of any lesson, any time they like
Raises confidence and motivation on the completion of goals
Lessons are available for students at all levels
An efficient substitute to a private tutor
A large number of animated maths lessons
Over 14,000 auto-marked exam-style questions are there to ensure a solid understanding