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Today no one can deny the importance of computer, and it’s equally true for educational purposes.You just need a PC with fast internet connection, and you are spared from going out of your home for tuition classes. Just turn on your PC at your study time and online tuitions will be there to teach you. Another good thing is that your location is no problem. More and more students are finding online tuition a more flexible and lucrative way of studying. They welcome the ease of being able to learn precisely when they have the time or the inclination and not being tied down by the set time of a face-to-face lesson. Science is a logical and practical subject. It calls for clear understanding in order to enjoy the subject. While some find it exciting to many the formulae and theories of the subject are confounding. Science is normally introduced between standards 3-4. But as the classes go higher the subject becomes more and more complicated. Students need to remember the formulae of chemistry, the theories of physics and the diverse names of biology. This can prove to be strenuous for the young minds. In these cases tuitions prove to be quite useful. Today one can get the assistance of a tutor 24×7, thanks to the online tuitions. Online tuition is offered to students anywhere in the world! It is delivered in four different ways: email, chat (written), voice or voice and camera. The last option, voice and camera, is very competent. The software Skype is usually used for this purpose. Online tuition can be used for a number of purposes: pre-exam revision, homework help and to get learning support in general. Most of programs are made in Excel and Word, so that the work is done speedily and to a high standard. Following are the subjects offered in online tuitions-

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • GCSE
  • Science
  • Additional Science
  • Applied Science
  • Additional Applied Science
  • Applied Double Award Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

The advantages of online science tuition are many: 1) No need to spend time going to another place to meet a tutor.
2) Need to pre plan.
3) If you are done in ten minutes, you only pay for these ten minutes. It is good for when you have only a few questions to ask.
3) If you are not content with the tutor you have, you can put an end to the session immediately. That could be annoying in case you have a tutor in your home.
4) You are offered with a number of tutors and you don’t need to select the ones that live close to your home.

Online Science programs offered include:


Online science Tuition will help you gain distinct advantages over your peers with a solid base of its most important specifics. To have an online physics tutor is basically the same as having a physics encyclopedia on call 24/7. You have the advantage of connecting with them whenever you need help, and the online tutors will be ready and waiting to give you detailed explanations of your physics problems. Physics courses have become very popular among the students who want to learn science online. Topic such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Law of Gravitation are explained with amazing ease that helps even the weakest student understand the matter doubtlessly.

Topics taught include-Preparation for SAT-2 physics and AP-Physics tests. General topics include motion and forces, including Newton’s laws of motion, gravity and applying of forces. Also covered are topics like conservation of energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, waves and electronic and magnetic phenomena.


Practical resources and interactive experiments are used to design online biology tuitions in order to give the students quality education. Most up-to-date technologies are available for students that learn biology online in order to assist their progress and proficiency in the subject area. Topics include- cell biology, where lessons about cell structure and enzymes are offered, viruses and molecular biology. The lesson also covers photosynthesis processes, the role of the mitochondria, macromolecules and eukaryotic cells. Lessons in genetics, ecology, evolution and physiology are also available.


Chemistry lessons include atomic and molecular structures, gases and the properties, chemical bonds, conservation of matter, the properties of gases, acid and bases, solutions, chemical thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, organic and biochemistry and nuclear processes. The tuition will enable you to get all the assistance with chemistry that you need. The extremely accomplished tutors will work with you to help make you proficient in the chemistry lab. The exclusive system of learning that involves one-to-one tutoring and intensive student-teacher communication helps in better comprehension of the subject. Online chemistry tuitions are planned to provide students with an end to end training and understanding of the subject, and cover up all the crucial components that are covered in any standard school course.

Major Online Science Tutions: – is a brilliant site offering online science tuition. They offer tuition for following subjects- IX-XII (Science, Maths, Physics and Chemistry)
/ A Levels ( Maths, Physics and Chemistry)
DAE, Electrical, Electronics (All subjects)
BE, BSC (Electrical and Electronics)

Contact details are as follows: Contact Person: Engr Rizwan Azam
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Contact Number: 03345504618 Online tuition services are available here in subjects like maths and science. You will be allocated with your own personal tutor who will guide you through your difficulties. All the online tutors are skilled in their respective fields. The online tuitions are conducted by email, Skype, MSN or telephone. The online tutors will give you explanations, exercises, corrections, worked examples, exam technique, advice, tips and more.

AtHome Tuiton- AtHome Tuiton offers the most professional courses for students who want to study science online. One can learn science online with AtHome Tuiton to get ahead. The site offers a range of programs relating to science, including physics, chemistry, and biology as well as more specific lessons. The online science tutors will help the student in every step of the way. They will make most of the sophisticated learning resources to implant confidence and comprehension. Tutors can also harmonize the online science tuitions with regular school classes. They can even help with school homework and assist in test preparations. With AtHome Tuition you can be sure that you will get the best possible results in the fastest possible time.