Air Force Technical College, Bangalore

Air Force Technical College better known as AFTC is located in Bangalore, India. Founded on 04 July 49, this prestigious institution offers training facilities to the young engineers of the Indian Air Force. In addition, those who are already in the field of aeronautical engineering can also avail training from this prominent defence institute in India. Initially the college was named as Technical Training College. Courses and programs at the Air Force Technical College, Bangalore are destined not just educate and train engineers from an assortment of disciplines, but also to enhance their leadership, and managerial skills so that they can act more efficiently and effectively as Aeronautical Engineers.

Air Force Technical College, Bangalore Programs and Courses

Several Under Graduate Programs and training programs are offered by Air Force Technical College, Bangalore. AFTC programs include the following,

  • eronautical Engineering ( B.E.) ( Mechanical Engineering)
  • Aeronautical Engineering ( B.E.) Electonics and Communication Engineering)

Duration of the training programs at AFTC is 48 weeks. The coursework is divided week wise in the following way.

  • Week 1: Initiation
  • Week 2-21: Acclimatization
  • Week 22-47: Specialization
  • Week 48: Becoming An Officer

Air Force Technical College, Bangalore Admissions

Air Force Technical College, Bangalore admissions procedure is comprised of several steps. It is not easy to qualify for admissions. After submitting the application form, the forms are scrutinized by the admissions department and then the applicants are asked to take an Engineering Knowledge Test. Those who qualify this exam, they need to attend Personality Tests for at Air Force Selection Boards at Dehardun, Mysore or Varanasi. This test takes five days. At the Stage I test, the applicants take intelligence test, Picture Perception and Discussion. Those who fail to qualify in this test are sent back on the same day. Psychological testing and Group testing as well as interview are there in Stage II test. Once these tests are over, students are sent for a Medical Examination at AFCME, New Delhi or IAM, Bangalore. Then the Final Merit List is announced according to the performance of the candidates during the AFSB test.

Air Force Technical College, Bangalore Contact Details

Air Force Technical College, Bangalore

Jalahalli (West), Bangalore

Karnataka, India