Bioinformatics Institutes in India

Bioinformatics is one of the latest additions of modern science where information technology has been integrated in the field of molecular biology. Also known as computational biology, this field has great potential and outstanding career opportunity. There are many Bioinformatics Institutes in India where the students can enroll in bioinformatics courses in under graduate and post graduate level. The curriculum of bioinformatics degree includes project work and summer training. As bioinformatics careers are rewarding a large number aspiring students are joining this course.

The subject bioinformatics deals with biological information and enhance the standard of living human race. Computers are an integral part of bioinformatics education and biological data are collected, analyzed, stored and merged with the help of computer. There are a large number of fields where Bioinformatics is applied. These include agriculture, human health and environment.

All the Bioinformatics Institutes in India allow students for admissions only those who have bachelor’s or post-graduate degree in molecular biology, veterinary science, microbiology, mathematics,

physics as well as pharmacy, genetics and chemistry. Engineers, IT professionals and medicos can also enroll in bioinformatics programs. Degrees offered by these institutes are Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics, B. Tech in Bioinformatics as well as M. Tech in Bioinformatics and Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics. Bioinformatics online degrees are also offered by several institutes.

Opportunities in bioinformatics jobs are excellent and the successful students get placed in the famous Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies in India. The students can also engage in bioinformatics research and serve the mankind. Some of the major employers in Bioinformatics in India are TCS, Silicon Genetics, Wipro, Reliance, and Tessella.

The most popular Bioinformatics Institutes in India include the following: