Indian Academy of Sciences

  • Name of Institution : Indian Academy of Sciences
  • Type of Institute : Science
  • Location :¬† Bangalore
  • Courses Offered¬† : Research programs on basic and applied sciences
  • Establishment Date : 1934
  • Website :

The Indian Academy of Sciences was established in the year 1934 as a registered society to conduct research on the basic and applied branches of science. Rather than only depending on classroom education, the institute facilitates the arrangement of discussions between teachers and students, extensive workshops, seminars and meetings.

The institute is of the opinion that through such a process, students will be more interested in contributing towards the growth of science in the country. Indian Nobel laureate Dr. C V Raman was the founder of the Indian Academy of Sciences. The institute conveys all research conducted in the field of science to the government of India and contributes to the development in the field of science.