INS Garuda, Kochi

INS Garuda previously recognized as INS Venduruthy – II is well known for training observers, pilots, as well as both technical and non-technical personnel who will assist naval aviation. This naval air station was officially commissioned on May 11, 1953 and is located on Willingdon Island in Kochi. INS Garuda, Kochi is comprised of squadrons and training schools. These include,

  • School for Naval Airman (SFNA)
  • Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology (NIAT)
  • Observer School
  • School for Naval Oceanography and Meteorology (SNOM)

INS Garuda, Kochi Programs and Courses

INS Garuda, Kochi programs are wide and varied. The programs of The Indian Naval Air Squadron (INAS) include courses for pilots and observers where they will learn about patrol, maritime investigation, evacuation as well as search and rescue (SAR) missions. Observers at the Observer School get trained on rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. Widespread simulator-based training for the crew of Sea King helicopters is available at The Sea King Flight and Tactical Simulator (FATS). For the aircrew divers, The 321 Garuda flight imparts training program and SAR cover. Naval aviation personnel get theoretical training from the Naval Institute of Aviation Technology (NIAT) and School for Naval Airman (SFNA).

Accommodation Facilities

Excellent accommodation facilities are offered by INS Garuda, Kochi. For the Officers there is Southern Naval Command Officers’ Mess, while for the sailors, Cabins and barracks are available as per their rank.

INS Garuda, Kochi Recreation

Students will find plenty of opportunities to spend spare time at INS Garuda, Kochi. The Naval Base is home to an Olympic size swimming pool, while various indoor/outdoor games could also be enjoyed. An outfitted gymnasium, satellite TV channels and many more will leave you very little opportunity to feel bore.

INS Garuda, Kochi Address

INS Garuda, Kochi

INS Venduruthy, Naval Base,

Kochi 682 004, Kerala

Fax: (0484) 2662394

Phone: 22662394, 2667361 (SO)