Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi

  • Name of Institution : Kerala Forest Research Institute
  • Type of Institution : Research – Forest Research
  • Location : Peechi, Kerala
  • Courses Offered : Research in forestry, biodiversity and environment
  • Website :

The Kerala Forest Research Institute was established as an autonomous study centre for carrying out study and research programs in the fields of forestry, biodiversity and environment. The government of Kerala says that the agenda of preserving the environment and the natural resources of the state is one of its prime concerns.

Therefore, it was under the Science and Technology policy of the state government that the Kerala Forest Research Institute was established in Peechi as a registered society of the Travancore – Cochin literacy, scientific and charitable societies act introduced in the state in the year 1995. The institute is positioned strategically in the midst of a tropical jungle of Peechi, therefore research programs become easy to conduct.