National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore

  • Name of Institute : National Aerospace Laboratories
  • Type of Institute : Research – Aerospace
  • Location : Bangalore
  • Courses Offered : Graduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, Project Assistant Program
  • Establishment Date : 1960
  • Website :

The National Aerospace Laboratories is an aircraft research and development study centre in Bangalore. From a small classroom area in 1960 when it was founded to the present in 2011, the National Aerospace Laboratories has progressed to the status of an international organization which was responsible for developing the first trainer aircraft of the country.

The students and faculty members of the institute conduct hardware and software research of aircrafts, they analyze the failure and accidents that affect aircrafts, and also conduct research on the structure, fabrication and design of aircrafts. The wholly computerized laboratories and classrooms and the ultramodern facilities in the institute has placed the National Aerospace Laboratories on the top of the list of aircraft research institutes.